Continuing our run of autumn/winter collections (take a look at others by clicking here!), here’s the latest from Soareak:

So, what can we expect from Soareak this season? By the looks of it, it’s pretty standard faire; sheer blouses, fur accents, and neutral tones paired with military olive and navy blue. Ho hum, right? What really makes this stand out for me, are the garments themselves – the slouchy knitted socks & high heels (an updated version of this trend from earlier in the year), two sheer white cotton items together, the fur gilet with strong zip, and of course the amazing check/tartan all-in-one – not that I’d personally wear with a leopard blouse, but coordinated with the Russian-style hat it’s ticking a load of boxes for me!

This collection has been titled ‘Scarlett’ which, in the absence of any red items, is probably about Scarlett O’Hara; main protagonist of Gone with the Wind. Not having seen the film myself (shocking, I know!), I only imagine how far Soareak have stretched the theme (to it’s absolute limit, I guess!), but on the plus side the catalogue includes some gorgeous shots of some gorgeous clothes. In the constant battle for brand supremacy & individuality, when it comes to Soareak, quite frankly my dear, I do give a damn!


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