With the theme for Somarta‘s autumn winter 2011 collection set as “metamorphosis”, I guess it’s not surprising that organic forms and luxurious detail feature heavily. I’ve sort of put off writing about this collection for a wee while, something didn’t quite click with me the first time I saw it. However, I’m happy to say that having given it a second look it’s really grown on me! I think what put me off a little in the first place was the feeling that I’d seen something similar before, whether it was the make-up, the structure or the theme, and yes – while this isn’t a game-changing fashion show, it’s a great example of stunning detail and form.

One of my favourites – check out all that beadwork! I think the black frill works particularly well here as a contrast to the white.

Lush tights/stockings. I’ve been seeing a lot of patterned tights popping up on the catwalk for this winter…

Stunning. I hope the gloves are attached to the top.

Maybe the moths got in? Ha. Anyway, gorgeous texture and layering potential!

I really can’t help but think of jellyfish and cuttlefish and other squiggly-wiggly marine life! Love it though. I could see this outfit floating through the dark depths of some unnamed ocean floor…

Darling little lace coat looking fantastic with equally lacy tights – a real retro contrast to the futuristic shoes.

Although the top and bottoms halves seem quite disconnected, I love them both. The top in particular; the line of close bottons always makes me think of Edwardian clothing.

The styling choices for this collection have been particularly interesting – I for one am all about fashion being fashion and not necessarily making the wearer look ‘beautiful’ as such, and here the harsh make-up and tightly braided hair adds a starkness to the collection that would have been missing had the stylist plumped for messy curls and soft blusher. There’s a futuristic feel; shoes, hair, as well as a retro one; lace, beading, and organic forms such as leaf shapes tie the collection together as a whole. It’s not an entirely unpleasant effect, and kind of makes me think of the next step in human evolution playing dress-up in clothes from previous centuries. Well, that’s just me anyway!

Lovely little jacket! The muted colours really compliment the less structured dress.

Pleats, please! (Little Issey Miyake reference for you there).

Very nice; would wear. Thumbs up.

So what do you think of Somarta‘s collection? I still find it a little uncomfortable for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, and it’s been rattling around in my brain for a while. Actually, I think that’s is why I’ve come to really appreciate it after all…

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2 Responses to Somarta So Good – Autumn Winter 2011

  1. brad-t says:

    I find it heavily reminiscent of McQueen’s collections, particularly the marine-references and those crazy shoes.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Absolutely – I would hope it was more a love letter to McQueen than a rip-off! 😉

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