It’s Chriiiiiistmas! Well, okay it isn’t. But today marks the start of Tokyo Telephone’s Christmas countdown! Hurrah! Surely, that’s enough cause for celebration? Still not quite doing it for you? But b-but… we’re kicking off with Spank! in all its pony-pink glittery 80s pop goodness.

Arguably the phoenix rising from the ashes of Harajuku favourite fashion decora, fairy-kei/pop-kei/Spank-kei has now become a firm favourite among Tokyo girls who appreciate all things a bit kawaii & kitsch. I remember seeing this kind of ‘sweet 1980s’-inspired clothing appearing in street fashion magazines like Cutie and Zipper even as long as six years ago, albeit rather briefly. Now with the huge upsurge in the popularity of vintage clothing (see the tag), fairy-kei (as I’ll be referring to this syle) lovers have cemented their fully formed style. As I mentioned, there are some similarities to decora (unusual items used as jewelery, coloured hair), yet fairy-kei favours pastel shades over bright decora colours, and clothing from the 1980s-1990s rather than the older European styles of dolly-kei Grimoire shoppers. You’ll often see Spank! aficionados in short fluffy skirts, coloured shoes, kawaii animal printed sweaters, and with large plastic accessories perched in softly dyed hair – pink, blue and lilac are favourites.

Of course, Spank! and sister shops Spank Me & Ticket to Darling aren’t the only places you’d come across this style (6%DokiDoki, Nile Perch and other vintage shops), but they are damn good at providing a cohesive image throughout all the shop’s stock. Having been a fan of Spank! for a while (one who still dresses all in black…), I couldn’t pass up the chance to have a rummage on their rooftop at a free market (a jumble sale kinda event) held during the Koenji festival – one of my favourite places in Tokyo and one of my favourite shops!

On the first day of Christmas Tokyo Telephone sent to me: Spank-kei on a rooftop.

Display inside Spank!; note the mix of children’s toys & pastel colours.

Sticking out like the sorest of sore thumbs…

Love the battered white sneakers with neon laces!

Someone find us a home, please! /creepy.

The following images are from Tavuchi, the owner of Spank!’s Lookbook;

Gutted we didn’t see our favourite fairy on the roof! Look at that skirt!

Pink cats & turquoise hair – Spank!-tastic combination.

Like a breath of sugary sweet fresh air on a cold winter day…

See more at the Spank! homepage & get in touch at Tavuchi’s twitter – share your love!

Plenty more inspiration and fairy-kei coordinates at this lovely  Spank! & fairy-kei tumblr – enjoy!


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5 Responses to On the first day of Christmas… Spank!

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  2. Sami says:

    In the picture with you, that pastel jacket is amazing!

  3. trashtastika says:

    I still haven’t managed to find/visit Spank! though I did find Koenji’s elusive “Dog” on my last trip (although it was closed). I’m really liking Tavuchi’s ensembles here which are not “out there” fairy kei which puts me off (too much sugar! too much pink!) The spotted skirts keep the looks modern, as does that pop of neon yellow.

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    The neon yellow is amazing, makes think of fairy-kei sportswear!


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