For the past few days it’s really felt like spring is in the air in Tokyo: it’s gloriously sunny, and the air feels fresh rather than freezing for the first time in a few months. I’m really excited because spring means three things: Tokyo Fashion Week, that summer is around the corner, and… cherry blossom. Seeing as I now not only have a ‘decent’ camera but an instant camera too, expect a seemingly endless flurry of sakura photos during the short blooming season.

Okay, spring also means one more thing: spring fashion collections, hurrah! It’s really great to see the shops moving away from winter coats and thick layers and towards spring colours and new trends. It’s still a little cold though, but doesn’t seem to have stopped some brave fashionable girls in Tokyo from breaking out shorts and cropped jackets – I think I’ll have to stick to my huge Yohji Yamamoto mens coat for another couple of weeks…

On to the the main subject at hand today on Tokyo Telephone: Spiral Girl’s new spring look-book. This collection centres around the theme ‘glimpse at the fifties’, and is a great example of another brand taking a look back at this particular fashion era and making it relevant in modern Japanese fashion. It’s less poodle skirts and more two-tone blazers, and in my opinion the 1950s elements are more subtle rather than overt and costume-like. There’s quite a ‘mannish’ feel to much of the clothing: skinny ties, black and white lace-up shoes, shirts and hats will give magazine stylists and fans of the brand a lot to play with over the next few months. My favourites from this look-book are the sleeveless shirts (not something I thought I’d be saying, but this is less M&S mumsy and more cool daddy-o), pink and black blazer and the combination of denim skirt and denim vest that somehow manages to look chic rather than like a denim nightmare – what skill!

Really love this, especially with the flicks of eyeliner and red lips.

I’m far too clumsy for white trousers, but an all-white look is pretty eye-catching.

Rolled up jeans – now that’s something everyone can do!

The look on the far-right with bow-tie and bowler hat is perfectly on-trend for this season.

Out of the several 50s-inspired collections we’ve featured so far, who’s getting your vote (and cash)?

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