Sun Sex and See Bye STOF is a baffling named brand from Hiroshi Tanida who also happens to be the mastermind behind bedsidedrama and a couple of other compelling design projects.  It is a brand that is part of the same Harajuku fashion scene that has given us Acycle, Hiro, Juvenille Hall Rollcall, Christian Dada, Yeah Right!, Avoid and the like, but SOFT has a unique atmosphere to their long established brand which is a bit less anarchic and saw them exhibiting their A/W collection alongside In Process by Hall Ohara and Everlasting Sprout at the “Beyond Now” exhibition in Shibuya earlier this year.  The theme of the collection was a borderless “No Country” which manifested itself in the form of modern cultural and classical religious motifs of various countries being mashed together in prints and patterns on a progressive casual base:

This is like an A-Z of the trends of Harajuku:  Mismatching shoes, remade sleeves and a whole lot of triangles and geometric elements.

I will give you a close-up of this print a bit later on, it is actually a cluster of iconography and imagery.  It is that kind of integrated detailing that just elevates this kind of work above the street style average.

It is also pleasantly unisex in a truly genderless fashion.

I really like the cheeky moon on this borad poncho – simple but really powerful.

As is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus in the modern cultists vehicle of choice.

Really like this olive branch design as well.  I don’t usually go for this kind of overt imagery, but there is something really strong and credible about the stark graphics on black in this collection that I am warming to.

And I can never have too many hipster-ready reworking of the Clockwork Orange posters.  Viddy well my brother…

And as promised, one of the patterns used in the collection:

But there are actually a couple of them that are incorporated in the work including symbols from Islam, Egyptian traditions and all manner of modern iconic references.

So there you go, if I have piqued your interest there is an official site, a blog and the designer’s ChangeFashion blog to get stuck into.  Personally, I like to mix in elements of these kind of brands into my otherwise gothic wardrobe to add a little touch of graphic flair into the mix.  But even if I don’t wear the whole look, it cheers me right up when I do catch someone slouching around Tokyo in the full get up, how about you?

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