It’s been gorgeously hot for the past couple of days, summer has arrived! We’re quite lucky that our little Tokyo Telephone Tower is by the sea-side, and the combination of sunshine and paddling in the sea never fails to make me reach for the lolita fashion section of my wardrobe. Add to this the upcoming Wimbledon tennis tournament… what could be better than English summer strawberries with a twist of Japanese lolita?

So basically I went a bit crazy for anything ichigo-themed!

Closet Child is great for finding rare prints & themes that may have gone out of favour with current lolita fashion – the Ikebukuro store is probably the least visited, so try there for something more old-school. I picked the Emily Temple Cute dress as, as well as being of my favourite lolita-esque brands, I think it works just as well with a heavily over-the-top outfit as it does a more casual look – pair with ankle socks for a take on a current trend. I couldn’t resist the Angelic Pretty yukata – so different from their usual style! I love the pouch from Swimmer – either for make-up or beach essentials, it’s the perfect size. I managed to come up with a whole strawberry co-ordinate from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – say what you will about BtSSB, they really commit to a theme! Finally, no sweet strawberry princess should ever be without matching food – I’m awaiting my next shipment of strawberry Kit Kats as we speak… look out for cherry blossom flavoured ones around sakura time.

Have you ever planned an outfit entirely on one theme? That’s one of the many reasons I love Japanese fashion; it’s possible to totally go for it with an outfit, and there’s a real sense of completeness to every good coordinate.

I’ll meet you in the strawberry fields, but for now we’re off to eat sausages & watch England lose another match!


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