A good male friend of mine once said – “I would never spend that much on underwear, I mean, who is going to see them?” ….. unlucky for him!  There is however an element of truth to that and one would hope that the number of people who will see them will at least be in single figures.  But while it is maybe less of a fashion investment than the jeans that contain them they will be seen by someone – even if that is only yourself.

For me it seems such a shame to include any flaw into an outfit, whether this manifests itself in odd or holey socks or a noticeably cheap plated accessory next to  some quality silver.  Why wear dull underwear under a great outfit when you can as I have said above – be styling to the last?  It is not only to look good for that special someone, you will feel better when you are wearing nice underwear – and it is long overdue that men are afforded the same choice as women.

In the case of Japan you are spoiled for choice – whether it is the bold masculine skulls of Roen, blinged out excess of Gut’s Dynamite Caberets or my personal favorite – Nigel Fever!  Male Underwear is clearly becoming big business with most 109-2 brands now stocking their own branded versions and there has been a flurry of high profile collaborations including the likes of One Piece (top left of the above) and Yoshitaka Amano’s obscenely beautiful artwork – to be honest I cannot bring myself to wear mine, they are just too beautiful!  You can expect to pay 4000-6000 yen for a really nice pair, but good ol’ Tokyu Hands do a great line at the very affordable 2000 yen mark.

So men of the world be brave and make a statement with your entire outifit.


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  1. Uncontrol says:

    I don’t think I could bring myself to wear Amano’s beautiful work on my ass. Also, I was sure for a moment that the one with gold text said “SATURDAY N****R”. 😐

    Have you seen Luxifer? IMO their stuff is way cooler. H&M also sells lots of underwear with interesting prints and textures. I should post some up.

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Yeah Luxifer is good, perhaps significantly more credible and befitting of the word “stylish” than the others I mentioned! The other big brand is Cluise that sells mainly in 109-2, they used to do really cool adult designs but most of their modern stuff is prints that look like they have come from Buzz-Spunky – NG.

  3. […] that here at Tokyo Telephone we have only covered the obscenely named Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets underwear line in the past, but I think we can be forgiven, given that that seems to be the linchpin that keeps the brand in […]

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