I – it… but the- yeah. That was a pretty accurate description of the words that came out of my mouth when I first saw Sugar-Kei‘s fabulous dresses; some kind of incoherent mumble while my eyes stuggled to take in what was in front of them. There were flowers. There were frills. There were layers of contrasting fabrics. There were more colours than perceptible by the naked eye…

Oh Sugar-Kei; I don’t think my life will ever be the same. These fantastic gowns are created for a variety of occasions, among them weddings. A friend of mine was talking about weddings recently, what with Royal wedding fever earlier this year, and they maintained that the popularity in Western style weddings in Japan was totally down to Princess Diana! Whether or not you choose to take my friend at their word, it’s amazing to think how one dress can effect a whole nation of women. I wonder what would have happened if Kate married Wills in a Sugar-Kei wedding dress? The mind literally boggles.

I think what really appeals (to me anyway!) about these Sugar-Kei dresses is that it appeals to the little girl in me – the part of me that loves dressing up, the part sat and drew dream dresses for hours, the part that was really jealous that dolls always seem to get the best clothes! Okay, we may be getting a little, dare I say it, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding here, but any of these dresses would guarantee your wedding wouldn’t be forgotten. Oh no…

I count four shades of pink. And the tartan too!

You wanna bow on that? I could totally see a Grimoire girl rocking this.

I’ll admit there’s something of a giant loo-roll holder about this. I don’t care; it’s hilariously amazing.

Did someone say denim? Oh, maybe not then.

This is bordering on tasteful!

Perfect for me to marry my love in – Fanta Grape Soda. (Sorry Samuel!)

I can’t work out what the gold stuff is; Christmas tree tinsel? I hope so.

And I call this one ‘Explosion in Aqua’.

I spy a joint wedding! And they’re on the telephone, how perfect!

I love the use of traditional Japanese fabrics in both these dresses, even though the end result is anything but traditional.

A marginally more conventional wedding look. Yeah, I’ve bookmarked this! Ahem.

Oh and boys, you haven’t been left out!

Sharp! I love it, but he doesn’t seem to be digging the hat.

Haha, the little chandelier motif! Adorable.

You had me at the polka dots, then I saw the tartan turn-ups. Oh, Samuel I’ve got something for you to see…

All white is alright.

So lovely ladies and gorgeous gents, look no further than Sugar-Kei for all your fairytale wedding needs. I really have the urge to create a huge glittery scrapbook and force people to look at magic-mushroom dresses and huge hair and seating plans and… oh dear…

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8 Responses to Sugar-Kei – Weddings Dresses for Harajuku Girls

  1. Sarah says:


    Also, lol, a lot of these dresses look like some of the ones that have turned up on Poupee Girl in pixel form during the “June Bride” event…! http://bit.ly/nBCLg7 <- like these

  2. Rebecca says:

    Haha, me too!

    Wow, those are really similar! I do love traditional Japanese wedding clothes though – maybe I’d look silly in the huge hat?! 😉

  3. Julian says:

    Bordering on tasteful? HAHA!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Very slightly almost bordering! 🙂

  5. Sami says:

    Is it wrong that I am so very in love with these? :O

  6. Rebecca says:

    Not wrong AT ALL!

    Get one! Go watch wrestling in it! 😉

  7. Michelle D says:

    Does anyone know how I can buy one of these dresses? I’m in the US!:)

  8. Samuel says:

    @ Michelle D

    They don’t sell abroad as standard I am afraid, but if you shoot them an email you might be able to work something out. You have nothing to lose and you can always use a shipping proxy.

    Hope you get what you want!

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