The reasons I love Pink House are many. Exhibit A is their undeniable influence in pre-lolita fashion. Exhibit B is the gorgeous frilly flowery awesomeness that Pink House do so well. Exhibit C is the fact they put out four collections a year, giving me four reasons to get excited. I present to you today Pink House’s summer 2011 catalogue, in all its girly glory. Ta-daah.

If you’ve spent some time here reading Tokyo Telephone, you have gathered that I’m not a particularly girly girl, to the point where it definitely takes Samuel longer to get ready then me (I think he’d argue that he has about quadruple the amount of hair on his head, compared to my short mop). It just doesn’t take me that long! Hair: short. Clothes: black. I’ll admit that the crossover from glasses to contact lenses does involve an amount of fiddling and wondering where I put my glasses down in the first place, but even make-up doesn’t take an age. Anyway, I’m digressing as usual. I think what I wanted to say when started typing this paragraph was that even though I’m not one for rose-scented socks and pink flowers, there’s nothing wrong with it if you are. I ruddy love Pink House and I’m a bit of an old goth at heart. I do have to say that as the weather becomes more humid by the day, the appeal of light cotton dresses is rather growing…

Textured rose bolero; oh yes.

Now that is some quality lace. I don’t think these are removable, but they damn well should be – you could wear the lace cuffs with everything!

Straw bag; long may it’s reign as Queen of Summer Bags continue.

In a word: AIRY.

Navy is a cute alternative to black, right?

Summer and stripes and straw. Perfecto.

What everyone needs in their wardrobe: a handy stepladder.

While I can’t see myself letting go of leather just yet, I am enjoying giving Pink House and it’s frilly fashion a good¬†ogle. Perhaps in another life we might not be on opposing sides of the metaphorical fashion river. I now have a mental image of a stream full of clothes…

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2 Responses to Summertime Pink House

  1. Sarah says:

    Straw bags are EVERYWHERE right now… I might break down and get one. Probably a Liz Lisa bag or somethin’.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love straw bags… on other people. ;D

    Liz Lisa was just perfect this spring summer!

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