Just when you though Japanese fashion had had enough of Union Jacks and tartan, street fashion punk favourites Super Lovers have teamed up with Kera magazine models Akira and Re:No (ridiculous punctuation necessary!) for a collection that celebrates what Super Lovers do best: the aforementioned Union Jack flags and tartan. However, in this collection there’s a little more to it – think clashing colours, slogan t-shirts and interesting fabric choices.


Read on for a more varied collection than you might expect, and an appearance by Shuse of La’cryma Christi…

‘The brand with the circle A’, eh? In my day it was an anarchy symbol. Kids these days.

I really want this t-shirt. Like, it almost pains me to look at it such are my feelings of needing to to wear it at every appropriate/inappropriate occasion. Image just going to the supermarket in it. Amazing.

I really love this too! I did a huge post on Union Jack punk imagery in Japanese fashion a while ago, but I think this cardigan might have to be my favourite new example! And it even has pockets!

Acid green and bright pink – somehow it kind of works when Super Lovers do it. I love that the logo print is a hommage to Louis Vuitton!

Matching drop-crotch trousers available too…

I could picture Kanako of Egg magazine in this!

Such a great print, and the pink touches really bring it alive.

Just when you though you’d seen every kind of fox tail accessory – polka dots! Not sure how it would look after a bit of wear, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

Time for Shuse:

Not much to say other than: hell yeah; neon zebra.

Lovers Rock – I’d have to agree.

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6 Responses to Super Lovers Akira & Re:No & Shuse La’cryma Christi

  1. Tori says:

    That Fuck Off Celeb shirt is a MUST GET ♥

  2. Mutsumi says:

    I’m a huge fan of Re:No (*__________*)♥ she’s…hot xD♥.
    And Akira is very good looking, too~
    They even paired up for concerts dress in Super Lovers’
    Just wacthed a video some days ago…hilarious.

    My favorite piece is the Gray/Black Zebra jacket ♥ wonderful
    & I would love to own such a polka doted foxtail, too ♥

  3. Gem says:

    I LOOOOVE Super Lovers. Bought some awesome drop crotch trousers and a fluffy hoody when I was over in November. Sadly after one wear the stitching started to come undone on both items.I contacted Super Lovers and thought I would share that their customer service was amazing and they made me a new pair of trews and new jacket and sent them over to me (I’m in the UK). They even paid the customs charges. Just amazing.

    I really badly want that pink skirt and one of the ear zebra print hoodies ^ ^

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Yes, I love it! Far easier to wear swear words in a non-English speaking country of course… 😉


  5. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I’m afraid I’m a bit out of touch with current models, but I really like their look! Fabulous fun punk 🙂


  6. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I love Super Lovers too! I was gutted when their one London store closed (or moved – I’ve never been able to find it!) ;(

    Glad to hear that their customer service is fab too! 🙂


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