Inspired by Tokusatsu and anime heroes, as well as the real-life heroes who emerged after the Tohoku earthquake, Takashi Nishiyama’s latest collection is an absolute joy to behold.  His previous collection that was shown at ITS#Nine was a justified winner of many an accolade, but it was art and not all that wearable, oh, but how I wish I could wear it everyday!  But even though his most recent work has tangible tastes of Gundam and Super Sentai running right through it, it is also surprisingly down to earth and while it will certainly turn heads, it could actually be worn, and worn with pride at that.

Ok maybe ignore the styling, but outside of the atmosphere created by the props and styling, this is at its core a streetwear inspired collection:

Heavy modern military influences are tempered here with structuring and panelling to die for.

In this more low-key look there is a strong hint of Juun J, but you can tell Takashi Nishiyama is keen to bring a bit of Tokyo street edge to the proceedings.

Even with this very formal ensemble, the strong military flavor comes through and I can’t help but see an exaggerated hakama-esque silhouette in the structure around the legs.

In this one I think you can see a mix of the austerity of Rick Owens with the cluttered excess and asymmetry of Julius.  It is a middle ground between the two and I think it really works.

On the other-hand I don’t want to get bogged down in drawing comparisons, because ultimately this feels very original and you just know when Takashi Nishiyama develops a trademark style that it is going to be unbelievably strong.

Last season the runway show was a male only affair, but this time he brought a women’s line to ITS#10.

Obviously there is significant cross over with the mens, but in the ladies the feminine aspects are gently exaggerated while keeping the overall look as strong as the mens.

I like how elegant it is, but always with something bold thrown in for good measure.  The designer has also done well to stick to a handful of key items that bring the collection together, keep your eye out for the re-occurring items in the rest of the collection:

And finally there is one item that almost would not fit down a runway…  It was about 4 metres wide and took the best part of 6 months to create:

And just think, this is a collection that started with the designer deconstructing Gundam models.  I am glad he did, this is literally amazing.

I am sure I will go on to wax lyrical about this guy down the line (he has a really cool personal style as well), but  I would highly recommend reading this interview over at Change Fashion with the man himself (in Japanese only for now) and you can read more about the ITS program here.

Images courtesy of the wonderful ITS

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