Takashi Nishiyama has been one of the ones to watch in Japanese fashion for a while now, being as he is one of the designers who has managed to capture a quintessentially Japanese aesthetic that has largely remained untapped in fashion.  He hasn’t been short of critical acclaim either, as I have written about before he has been the recipient of the ITS (International Talent Support) Collection of the Year amongst others and has been selected to appear in the select shops currently acting as taste makers for Tokyo including the iconic Dog Harajuku and my personal favorite – Gokai.  However, not unlike designers such as Yuima Nakazato who are great at capturing attention with show stopping showpieces, he hasn’t managed to shift his direction towards a wearable diffusion of his vision- that is until now.

Takashi Nishiyama is currently holding a pop-up shop inside the Container area of 1F LaForet Harajuku till the 31st, the goal being to communicate his extensive vision (as above) but also to launch his wearable diffusion line – Takashi Nishiyama_ (i.e. with an underscore and pronounced “Takashi Nishiyama Under).  As you can see from the three larger pieces above his work can largely be classified as (from left to right) the Godzilla monster archetype, the robotic hero and finally the sleek organic forms you are more likely to associate with more modern monster design.  I will also say that although it looks quite masculine and amorphous here, it does transfer to altogether more feminine forms very well as you can see in his Strike Witches themed collection here.

The inspirations are obviously of a predominately otaku, anime and tokusatsu flavor, but there are a satisfying amount of complementary industrial, gothic and futuristic references peppered throughout, earthing the whole in something bordering on reality.

This is probably my favorite showpiece from Takashi Nishiyama, the mix of oily and matt blacks punctuated by silver hardware and distressing is pretty much a mood board for my personal fashion.

All the layers from the above can be worn separately and given a bit of restraint are actually more wearable than you might think.

The headpiece here is from his latest collection called “Birth of the DragonNewt” which the designer is thinking of as his first full collection – an articulated and mature version of his original Godzilla inspired masses of fabric.

For now enjoy the details and below you can have a taste of how this ends up by the time it is in the diffusion line _.

Takashi Nishiyama himself in the container space of LaForet Harajuku.

A slightly more wearable variant of the head-pieces we saw previously.

Here the reptilian shapes turn up in a series of bags – actually quite tempted by one of these.

Takashi Nishiyama’s world even makes for a pretty distinctive biker’s jacket.

For more on Takashi Nishiyama you will really want to head off to LaForet Harajuku before the end of the year, but failing that I have a backlog of installations from this designer that I can’t wait to share in due course.

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  1. Sami says:

    Such beautfiul pieces, thanks for sharing 🙂

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