Apologies for the rubbish hat puns. (Leave a comment if you can come up with anything better!)

This season’s must-have accessory, as you may have gathered, is the hat. I’m not a huge fan of the nautical/marine cap as I find they look a little too much like a Halloween costume prop, but I just love the versatility of straw hats.

(image from Happie Nuts magazine June 2010, scan from hudie.com)

Straw hats can be found both in lolita and gyaru fashion this summer, which is something of a rarity is these often polar-opposite styles. Depending on your budget, there’s an option for every price range:

Innocent World – the most expensive at 7980yen, perfect to complement the most well-coordinated country lolita outfit.

Love Girls Market – our middle option at 3990yen. I love fedora shape and vintage look of the floral ribbon.

Sneep Dip – by far the cheapest at just 1995yen. A steal! I chose this colour out of the other options available, as I think the all-black look adds a bit of edge to an otherwise sweet outfit, and will hopefully carry through to early autumn styles too.

Enjoy! Hat’s all, folks! (Sorry…)


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2 Responses to Take hat! Hat’s life!

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