Or “Gapo in Tropical Anaal Kingdom” as the show was actually titled…  Raised eyebrows aside, I have always had a soft spot for the naive hand drawings that Tarzan Kick nail season on season with their modern primitive creations.  Their show was actually announced just as a large proportion of designers from Japan Fashion Week were postponing and canceling their shows in favor of more modest options, and this raw gumption would go on to personify a presentation that would go on for the best part of an hour including live music, comedy, interpretive dance, shattered eardrums and even the god of curry himself made an appearance…

The concept for the show was to have two bands wearing the key items from the Tarzan Kick A/W Collection (which you can still see exhibited in Candy) and have them play to a background of general anarchy.  The anarchy was provided by running it as a free event which guaranteed that they had it packed with Shibuya’s finest, add to that filling the audience with cloaked dancers to encourage audience participation, dancers writhing on the floor and running through the already packed crowd and it made for one hell of a surreal (but enjoyable) show.  I took a video for the sake of posterity which you can catch later, but it is not going to do it justice – this was the collected steam of Shibuya being released after a tense couple of weeks and even though I was rendered deaf for the next couple of hours I enjoyed it no end.

Continue reading for the key looks and pieces from the collection, more madness and a digest of the hour long stage show…

The show began with a 20 minute skit involving the master of currys (who turned into an elephant) and a “female” Arashi fan with naans for breasts.  Hmmm, well better that than that season of phallic prints or last season when they sent cartoonish versions of African tribesmen down the catwalk.  Anyway, it was all a lot of fun, unexpected and made me nostalgic for my brief stint in a Japanese drama group.

What followed was a 40 minute gig between the melodic punk of Puffy Shoes and the awesome noise metal of GAGAKIRISE – which was exactly what I was in the mood for that night.  The only pity was that their shreading guitars managed to break the mike on my camera reducing my recording of their set to white noise…

Accompanying this battle of the bands (who were wearing the latest collection) was the aforementioned anarchy and plenty of interpretive dancing.  Once I had got over my surprise (as someone dressed and prepared for a catwalk show) I got right into it and had a great night.

The looks:

Awesome stuff, although it was pretty hard to take it all in in the chaotic smoky gig environment.  Still it fitted the character of the clothes and it does have to be said that the quality of finish on these is really great up close as you can see from the stand alone item pictures which also showcase some of the designs absent from the show:

I think the detail of these really comes alive in person and they really do feel like pieces of urban iconography in the flesh.  Ultimately I suppose your appreciation or otherwise of these depends on how much you like the hand drawn artwork of the designer –

But if you are a fan (as I am) you are going to be in the very good company of Yoon:

And one of their brilliant macs from last season.

To finish off with as promised is a very brief digest of the show – just to give the vaguest of handles on what actually transpired that night…  It was fun and chaotic – it was Tarzan Kick.

In terms of further reading you are pretty much reliant on Candy through Fake, but you can be sure that I will keep you up to date here should anything come my way. Until then be grateful that Tokyo still produces these anarchic individuals who make life infinitely more interesting for their presence

Live pictures courtesy of the brilliant Change Fashion

Stock pictures courtesy of the international order accepting Candy

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