I have chatted about these before courtesy of Silver Bullet by Rhydeal’s Scheine but I am delighted that these seem to be one trend that is going to be with us for a little while.  And it can surely be no surprise that king of the OraOra – Juvenile Delinquent – has raised the bar once more.

teletxt shopping shibuya oraora kei men juvenile delinquent fashion brands

Although not a million miles away from those god-awful pretend tattoo sleeves, I for one am quite taken with these.  Maybe I am the kind of guy who just loves the thought of another accessory to play around with, but I think these arm covers are a great way to add another texture, layer and not to mention spice to a simple t-shirted summer outfit.  I would go for one of these at a time as two might just look like you are layering a 3/4 length sleeve top, also as you probably can’t help but have noticed – asymmetric is very much the look of the moment.  Oh and they are only 2000 yen, so you can’t really go wrong.


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