TELLSIT (or occasionally “Tells It”) is a rising star of the Japanese street fashion world whose first presentation at Tokyo Fashion Week has propelled this young brand into the spotlight, apt considering that their, admittedly rather small at 20 items, collection reads like an A-Z of current and incoming trends in street style.

Firstly the collection is completely un-gendered and unisex without ending up in the over-sized and baggy territory that so many brands do.  Instead, it is parked firmly in neutrality, which if anything, accentuates the gender of the person who does choose to wear it – in this lookbook’s case, a woman.

On top of that there are abstract details combining nature with space (which I suppose is nature as well come to think of it!) which aids the theme of “Loving Nature”, although the heavy use of leather may not (perhaps the theme ought to be “Appreciating Nature”).  On the subject of leather, that is indisputably this collections strongest suit as vouched for by the fact that the key leather jacket of the collection was like a magnet for photographers at the installation:

But aside from that single piece of leather genius that could not do more to nail the kind of edgy illustration style doing in the rounds in Tokyo right now, the rest of the collection is quite restrained and almost naively innocent.

So what justifies this collection’s existence over simular streetwear?  Well, obviously quality of materials, but also the very atmosphere of the collection substantiated by the film that accompanied the collection:

The full version that should be available online soon told a sweet love story interspersed with fantastic images of the enormity of the cosmos.  In short, a sure fire winner with the Daikanyama / Nakameguro arty crowd looking for clothes created with passion and vision beyond the mundane.

The collection may have been small, but it is certainly cohesive and not unlike Makin Jan Ma, feels as if it has been created to express the wardrobe of a single person rather than have something to appeal to everyone.

And one more gorgeous leather jacket to finish on – this time carved with animals faces including, if memory serves, a very cute cat on the front.

So there you have it, an adult, creative collection that has managed to stand out from the crop from last fashion week.  It is always interesting to see what other people pick up on when you are doing the rounds of the shows, exhibitions and installations, sometimes everyone homes in on the same rather obscure young designer (as in this case) and sometimes someone gets ignored by all.  It is something that makes me guilty when I look over at the piles of press releases, brochures and lookbooks that I am yet to write about, but such is life.  As long as I can shine a light on some of the “right” people, I can feel like I am giving something back to the fashion we enjoy so much here at Tokyo Telephone.

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2 Responses to TELLSIT – S/S 2012 Collection – The Sunlight Ring

  1. misterlee says:

    Very intriguing collection. It IS very solid and incredibly multi-faceted. The mini teaser adds a nice touch to viewing the collection as a singular whole versus it being just…clothes. I dig the leather jacket up at the top hardcore, hahahaha 🙂

  2. Samuel says:

    @ misterlee

    Yeah, that jacket is amazing and the fact that it is a (reasonably priced) core item and not an outrageous custom order makes it all the more attainable…


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