Cecil McBee is pretty much the uber-brand for ladies fashion in Japan. It’s cute, it’s stylish, it’s not horrendously expensive, and there’s enough of a variety of styles within one shop to satisfy most people. Now, while I won’t immediately go running to the McBee as soon as I have any spare Yen burning a hole in my wee pocket, I do like to have a little peek and a poke now and then, just to keep up with what the (dare I say it…) mainstream fashion fans are wearing.

Rather than repeating myself a million billion times about this season’s key trends (retro girly vintage French – any combination of those terms!), and as we’re waiting with baited breath for next seasons looks to come out, I thought I’d feature some of Cecil McBee’s more unusual items instead. As with many super-brands (see Samuel’s excellent article on rare Chrome Hearts items for example), Cecil McBee is no stranger to the homeware aspect of complete lifestyle branding. Let’s see what Cecil has for us…

I just love these summery yukata! I really like to see this kind of fashionable styling brought to traditional Japanese wear, it’s a great mix.

Lovely pink and black colour combinations – girly and stylish, this is pure Cecil McBee.

Adore the matching bags! I think one of my Japanese language textbooks had a whole chapter devoted to how good yukata are for souvenirs. A hint from yukata makers, perhaps?

I love a fully coordinated set, and matching accessories too! I think many of the above items are now on sale – an excellent bargain if ever there was one.

So you want your home to smell like a Cecil McBee store? I can only image what the actual scent is, as I haven’t had a whiff of the McBee up my glorious gaijin nose yet. I’m imaging something rather floral.

I have to say that both the candle & atomiser would make lovely presents from young men who are unsure what to get for the young ladies in their life.

How about some Cecil McBee on your face too? These eye and lip sets also come with a hair scrunchie. Perfecto.

Yes, it’s McBee branded eyelashes! I’m not what the quality is like, but I would assume pretty good. Love the variety of lashes on the left – I’d chop ’em up and just pop them at the corner of my eyes.

Nude shades, or something brighter? I do favour a red…

Why not eat off Cecil McBee heart-shaped plates? You’d just have to do some kind of kawaii-bento, wouldn’t you?

Don’t even think about leaving the McBee behind at school or the office! (I love a deco pen as much as the next person, but maybe those stones would really dig in to your fingers after a while?)

Now you can compile a Cecil McBee wishlist with the aforementioned pens and this notepaper. Maybe you could store it in the boxes. You’ll need lots.

Finally, if it all gets too much, tote your entire McBee-d life around in the matching suitcase. I’ll take two please…

For even more from Cecil McBee, take a look at the homepage here.

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4 Responses to The Cecil McBee Lifestyle

  1. I really love this brand because it has so much variety. It’s also pretty easy to take some pieces from there and create your own look. Most of my tops are from there, but I don’t really think I have the ‘Cecil Look’.

    Ah~ I wanna know what the scent is. I’ll have to go check it out sometime.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Absolutely! I think’s why Cecil McBee is so popular – you can have your own taste within the brand.
    Aw, you’re so pretty & sweet, you’re definitely a Cecil girl! 😉

    I’m guessing something very flowery!

  3. Emilie says:

    Lol Rebecca you forgot the winter FOOT HEATER. haha
    Must have one of those to warm up with XD

    or even their school uniform line. my god, I think they are trying to take over the world!

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Emilie – Great to hear from you, and I’m loving your Mars-tastic blog! 😉

    Oh, I’m pretty sure we’ll ALL be wearing Cecil McBee soon – even Samuel and Alex!

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