I think it’s fair to say that Angelic Pretty has reached cult status within Japanese street fashion, particularly among lolita fashion fans worldwide. Much like gothic favourite Moi-meme-Moitie, Angelic Pretty’s latest releases are pounced on by frill-hungry girls (and that rarest of species; the brolita, aka male lolita), and the brand’s success can also be measured by the fact that they, along with Baby the Stars Shine Bright, were the first lolita labels to open their doors to international lolita fashion lovers outside Japan. Has Lolita gone mainstream? No, if but the continuing success of Angelic Pretty is anything to go by then keep an eye out for more gorgeous goths and cupcake queens…

Back to the matter in hand, let’s take a look at what you expect from Angelic Pretty right now:


I’m a huge fan of this print – it’s a little different than many of the previous releases, and I love anything with a space theme.

I have no idea what ‘sugae’ is (ahem!), but this is just so very contemporary lolita that it’s almost painful. There’s even a matching half-bonnet.

A touch Emily Temple Cute with the all-over repeated pattern – also note the lace armwarmers, an interesting choice. The bright pink of the shoes is making me seriously reconsider my wardrobe…

Eee, I love a food print; there’s just something about combination of lolita and delicious food. The kitschy maid-like aspect is perhaps a little self-referential, but is just perfect for cakes and strawberries and gingham.

Very eagerly anticipated, Toy Fantasy is finally here! Candycane stripes and yellow bunnies. Amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing how our favourite lolitas will work the salopette into an outfit.

Look like Little Bo Peep – not for cheap! Sorry, sorry… it’s just so cute, I think my brain brain fuzzed over for a second or two.

Pancake mix! I didn’t know it was possible to make a milk carton look kawaii, but you learn something new every day.

I’ve covered French Cafe previously in more detail, but this is worth seeing again if you’re as big a fan of teapots as I am.

Imai Kira‘s stunning illustrations have now become synonymous with Angelic Pretty‘s living doll image:

Bold prints vs pastels – which do you prefer?

As you may have noticed, I’m on a bit of a girly fashion kick at the moment – fear not, not I’m giving up the biker boots just yet – and in my post on Juliette et Justine a few days ago, I asked why lolita fashion appeals to you, and Sarah of the hilarious Are Ya Thirsty left such a fantastic response I had to share some of what she said:

“It appeals to me because everyone tells me I look like a little girl, and damnit, if that’s the case, then I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth until I can’t anymore!

… Well, that’s true. But it’s not all there is.

It’s the first style I really threw myself into. I knew that I enjoyed dressing like a schoolmarm sometimes, and that I liked dressing like a little kid other times, and lolita is pretty much the only style that allows for both in the same wardrobe, maybe even the same brand.

I think one of the reasons I like lolita because whether it’s with poofy, ostentatious extravagance, or slimmed down, elegant aristocracy, there are many ways to arrive at the same ideal, and that ideal is dressing like a time gone by, trying to recapture it in feeling and style — be it classical styles liks Mary Magdelene or Victorian Maiden, a more 1950′s retro look, like some of Metamorphose’s offerings or Angelic Pretty’s recent French Cafe, or simply recalling childhood, as most sweet loli tends to do, with their candy colors and cute prints.


I don’t mind if other people don’t like enjoy lolita — it doesn’t hurt them if I dress up and indulge myself a bit.


I think, all in all, I like lolita… because I don’t dislike lolita.

好き. だから好き.”

Head over to the original post to see Sarah’s comment in full; huge thanks for letting me repeat it here. I really love hearing how people fall in love with such a niche fashion as lolita – and of course I’d love to hear from more lolitas out there!

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4 Responses to The Cult of Angelic Pretty

  1. Laura says:

    :O why have i never seen that dream sky print before? it’s so cute, i’d buy it!
    although i like BTSSB’s dresses better, i think the edge AP has over them are the Imai Kira works ;D

  2. Actually, Metamorphose was the first Lolita brand to ship internationally. Angelic Pretty is probably my favourite brand, but I usually prefer their bolder dresses, and their non-print items.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Laura,

    Ah, I can’t get enough of anything with a space print! Of course, I’d have to go for the black version 😉

    I really love Imai Kira’s work, it’s so fitting with contemporary lolita fashion!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Saffron,

    Sorry for the confusion; I meant in terms of physical stores outside the Japanese mainland.
    Agreed on the bold print dresses! 🙂

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