As the thermostat rises so too does the threat that men the world over will be flaunting their bodies in public – with various degrees of success…  While I do not want to take sides on the issue of body hair on men (it does seem to suit some) I have always erred on the side of maintenance.  However when I came to live in Tokyo I was struck by the amount of hair removal products for men and indeed the amount of men who used them.  Whereas female magazines are full of weight loss pills the counterbalance on the masculine side of things seems focused on removing body-hair.

A quick glance at my fashion king Fuga’s site reveals models who were either born with no hair or who are very on top of the situation:

For the record the product in the top right is what you are going to need to strip that hair away!

Now under repeated duress by my Japanese friends some years ago to treat my very mildly hairy arms I decided to give some hair-removal cream a go, with immediate success I might add.  I definitely see the point that completely hairless, tanned, slim arms do tend to look rather good, but the down-side comes when you start to get stubble about 24 hours later!  Hmmm, it was at this point that I was informed that I needed to get another product to restrict the growth from coming back – and it was exactly at this point that I abandoned the exercise as “a right lot of bother”.  Since then my beauty regime is just to trim back my hair to a couple of MM which frankly takes me about 10 minutes every month – which is much more how I like it!  Maybe before I go on a beach holiday I might go in for a bit of a bleach, but other than that I just can’t see the point in it, especially when most people when asked seem to like a bit of hair.

I think this is one trend that very much comes down to personal preference and I really regret being bullied into being ashamed of my hair.  At least it did kick start me to taking better care of myself, which is surely a good thing.


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