Chrome Hearts is a Japanese fashion institution.  Not that it is actually from Japan, but luckily for them, their customers are.  Whereas in the ol’ US of A you can’t open a trashy mag without seeing a celebrity in something from Chrome Hearts, in Japan you can’t walk down a street without seeing someone sporty something and I challenge you to find a men’s fashion mag without some mention of this luxury brand.  And the pursuit of luxury is what it is all about when it comes to Chrome Hearts, but what happens when you have got all the silver jewelry you are ever likely to need (a situation I might well be in) – answer: you find new things to lust after.

Now, I should say at the start of this that I am a massive Chrome Hearts fan, I don’t think a day goes by without me wearing something by them.  It was the force in men’s fashion when I was really getting into it, so it will always have a lure to me beyond the brand, it is part of my formative youth if you will.  And I have also always been a fan of the obscurities of silver brands, I love the Gaboratory cocktail sticks and my now sold car did have a Starlingear shift nob – but Chrome Hearts have taken obscurities to new ever more bizarre territory:

Continue reading for my absolute favorite obscurities from Chrome Hearts, some you can buy in any shop, but some are seriously unobtainable, but all show that once you have got such a strong brand image, there really is nothing you can’t sell…

Oh yes – Chrome Hearts x Mattel Barbie.  Yes, the clothes are real leather and the silver is sterling.

Hyde owns two of these and at 500000 yen I am doubtful I will ever join him in that exclusive club.

Depressingly their clothes are of considerably better quality than what I am actually wearing right now…

But it does not all have to be silly, this is a motif you might not expect from Chrome Hearts, but it is done here exceptionally well.

Likewise this little “secret pill” container is original and pretty damn cool.

And when Chrome Hearts do step outside their luxury gothic remit, it is usually with really good results.

There is clearly a lot of silver working talent here, far away from simple stamped dog-tags which are the bread and butter of CH.

Leather tie – very classy.

Lapel pin – subtle and useful.

Tie Clip – functional and I am sure I have caught Karl Lagerfeld with one of these.

OK, not sure about 40000 yen for this, but it is indisputably cool.

Now this is actually useful, I am back on board at this point.  And you can replace the band so that will last.

You have lost me.  Still, I do like Chrome Hearts taking on punk motifs – especially their studded jackets.

Talking of which… Yes please!  We are fast heading into the Chrome Hearts collaborations.

Wow!  Chrome Hearts do do in-house leather work, but their collaborations are to die for.  Watch out for his men’s leather jackets with Rick Owens which are coming later this year.

Which will go nicely with your Rick Owens trainers.

And your Prada blazer.

And your Chrome Hearts stockings, wait, really?

On to their baby gifts which you can only hope the baby will appreciate at some point (usually when they flog them on Yahoo Auctions).

Damn my parents for not caring enough about me to give me a silver spoon.

Or a silver rattle.

Or a sterling silver eyed dinosaur!

Damn, I need a cigarette to calm my nerves.

With a glass of whisky.

Actually I would prefer wine.

And I will just put my feet up while I do.

Before a nice relaxing game of pool.

And a calming aromatic candle.

And maybe a jam on my slide guitar.

Although with the bills for all this stuff I might need something to keep them in order on my desk.  Sold!

And maybe a little sushi later.

And a round of golf, where I would hate to mark my balls position with anything less than the above.

Or maybe I could just shoot some hoops?

Before finally getting that shelf up…

And unblocking that toilet…

And sawing some timber.

Actually I think I had better escape the house altogether.

But it is raining so I think I will drive.

For the record the above was owned by Cher, who seems to be the prime consumer of all the gear above:

Ah well, maybe I would too if I had the cash overflowing out of my pockets, but alas!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that, I have not even touched on tooth-paste lids and the like, just rest assured, if you use it round the house, Chrome Hearts has probably made it, lord knows where it will stop!

On a serious note if you want to see a lot of this kind of stuff above head on into the Tokyo Aoyama flagship in a converted Police station.  There you can see the Chrome Hearts basketball court in all its glory and even some sterling silver door-nobs.  All the really fun stuff is in their home section which you usually have to ask to see, but it is worth the effort!  Ah well, for me this is best enjoyed for the spectacle of it all, and really puts into context the months I saved to buy the little bits I do have.


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7 Responses to The Definitive Guide to Rare Chrome Hearts

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Japan Bump – 日本バンプ, R & S. R & S said: The Definitive Guide to Rare Chrome Hearts #brands #chromehearts #jewelry #silver […]

  2. brad-t says:

    Wow, some seriously bizarre things in there. Excited to see the RO leather, though I am sure the pricing will be stratospheric. There’s a pair of white RO/CH on YJ right now in my size, but I’m only interested in the all-black ones.

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Sneak peak on that jacket for you. Really like the look of the heavy buckles on the arms.

    The white sneakers turn up in 2nd hand shops really often in Japan, they don’t seem to age all that gracefully though. I definitely think you need a solid black backdrop to make the silver detailing work at any rate.

  4. brad-t says:

    Thanks for the pic. Looks cool but nothing out of this world.

  5. […] And here is where it gets interesting.  This is actually a brass pen rest – although you can rest anything on it I suppose.  Really beautifully made and ultra reasonable at 11000 yen.  For the fan who has everything – aka me – but not as ludicrous as some of the Chrome Hearts stuff. […]

  6. […] Where does all this money come from? Japan, apparently. Since they founded their company back in 1988, Mr. & Mrs. Stark have expanded their retail presence internationally, with stores in Europe and Asia. But it’s Japan where the lion’s share of dough comes from. They’ve got ten brick-and-mortar stores in that country alone — by comparison, the USA has just seven — and the luxury brand has become somewhat iconic over there. […]

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