The first know instance of tentacle erotica, which has regretably become synonomous with certain people’s perception of Japanese sexuality, finds itself the very unlikely inspiration for a pair of jeans – courtesy of my new favorite brand: Juvenile Delinquent.

As we are enjoying the heat of Spring it only seems appropriate to celebrate with a bit of Shunga!  By all accounts these are very tasteful jeans which are faithful to the original Hokusai bar for a little bit of (understandable) cencorship that keeps these jeans just tasteful enough to wear in public (or close enough anyway!)

These jeans feature amazing fully stitched detailing on the pockets and all the way down the leg of the jeans – including the original story written in damn difficult Japanese (my specialization in Classical Japanese at Meiji university does not look so useless now!).  I really like these jeans because they are edgy and controversial enough to be from JD, they are a piece of Japanese quality and most importantly they have a real place in history.  Rather than associating Japan with a form of aggressive sexuality (popularized by the modern depictions of tentacles in H publications) this original picture reminds us of the liberal and playful sexuality that Edo-era Shinto originally personified.

But all that aside they are pretty damn cool and will absolutely make an impact!

Feel free to check out the original here and the full details on the Juvenile Delinquent website.

These come in at 27,000 yen for Japanese Denim in either a straight or baggy leg.


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  1. Austin says:

    Where can I purchase these?

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