Another new new brand to make an appearance at La Foret in Tokyo’s uber-cool Harajuku district, The Hep Star fits in like they’ve always been there – and with their signature Shibu-Hara style it’s easy to see why. There’s lots to love here for fans of punk style, girly fashion and even couture-inspired mode.

Produced by the team behind Suiren, The Hep Star’s philosophy is “highly fun and highly affordable”, giving it’s customers the “freedom to create your own look” – you can read the full statement here – it’s pretty inspiring stuff, and really plays into the idea that people don’t want to be told what wear, they don’t want to copy celebrities, but are instead fully capable of developing their own personal style outside of any fashion constraints. I’m sure this will appeal to many fans of Japanese fashion too, as the sense of freedom in many styles and coordinates is what’s brought fashion from Japan so many followers.

The season concept for spring summer 2011 is ‘cynical punk‘, and I just can’t help but imagine the moment when previously sweet and innocent girl first discovers the lure of brash punk music – ah, memories!

A few shots from the catalogue:

Florals and leather jackets, blazers and roughed-up denim, tartan and lace – it’s all in the contrast, and it works brilliantly well.

Outfit suggestions from the webstore:

There’s a pretty reasonable volume of clothing here, but as you see from the above images, the vast majority work well together and it’s a piece of cake to find what fits your own style within the collection. I think the main problem with this approach is that it can sometimes feel rather chaotic (as WC does as times), but in this case there’s a coherence that underlies it all – cynical punk is making waves.

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