In the fiercely competitive world of Tokyo dining pretty much every dining experience is catered to and explored.  Probably most famous of all along with Alcatraz is The LockUp which can be found at a number of locations across Tokyo and indeed throughout Japan.

For the uninitiated The LockUp falls into the category of themed dining – so expect themed food and drinks, decor and entertainment….. all with a gothic theme.

Make your own cocktail anyone?

In short it can be a really fun night!  From the entrance lined with skulls to the bars of your private table, everything is complicit with the theme including the blood stained and occasionally monstrous staff!  Make sure you book in advance as the staff will make sure you are in time for the entertainment, which you will know when it is coming when the lights go out…

I would expect to pay around 3000 yen per person including all you can drink and a good number of courses.  My only warning is as a foreigner you might well stand out and might well find yourself involved in the events of your evening.  And no I won’t be spoiling that surprise for you….  insert evil laugh here

Check out the Shinjuku HP here and check the latest Hot Pepper for any discounts.


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