Crafts such as tapestry and embroidery have long been associated with women (what else could you do for fun in the middle ages?!), and it’s no wonder that they play a part in the ‘lifestyle’ aspects of both lolita and mori fashions in Japan. What with the huge variety of magazines and kits available (Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku & Shibuya is our favourite place to load up on supplies!), it’s a fun and easy hobby to get into. In vogue in Japanese crafts at the moment are diy mini cakes and treats: stitch and craft everything from macaron mobile phone straps to glittery swiss roll brooches, nothing is safe from the sweet invasion!

In a world of pastel pink strawberries and flowery embroidery… enter Makoto Oozu, the man who call himself a ‘natural born stitcher’ (even the character in his surname 図 has a stitch inside!), shaking up the world of cross stitch with insects, space robots and faux-Rolex watches from The Mint House;

On the eleventh day of Christmas Tokyo Telephone sent to me: cross-stitch rockets & a confused octopus.

I love the idea of these watches! More a homage to the classic Rolex design than a rip-off. I’ll have the pink lame one please!

If you fancy something more functional, why not try your hand at making your own digital watch? There’s a great fun early 90s/Saved by the Bell-esque vibe to this, and you can even come up with own original design!

I have a real soft spot for this octopus! I would name him Jerry… or Baron von Tentacle.

Octopus in space; the lost works of David Bowie?

Mini cross-stitch masterpieces! Proudly display your love of Van Gough’s Sunflowers!

Want to learn how to cross stitch a lobster? Makoto Oozu shows you how!

There’s a real sense of fun and playfulness in all Mint House creations, and above all the idea that you too can create something yourself. I always think that the best fashion leaves you inspired and wanting to get in on the diy action – now then, where’s my needles and thread?

See more at The Mint House homepage & online shop

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