It is a testament to how good the Silver Creators Exhibition was in Shibuya last year that almost 1 year on I am still leafing through piles of brochures and catalogues and finding yet more brilliant designers that I simply have to write about before I am loaded up with more fresh designers this year.  Having said that Glam Scale have been in the business under the name Cyence since 2005, but it is the designers very recent futuristic designs that caught my attention and apparently every other silver collector I know as I have been hit with a deluge of emails asking if I know of this guy and in particular if I had seen this wallet chain:

It is true that when I saw Seiya Hiyama’s stall at the Silver Creators Exhibition this was the very first thing I homed in on and just had to pick it up and play with all the mechanical moving parts.  The barrel element rotated really satisfyingly, all the hinges felt perfectly smooth and the sheer weight of the thing made for a perfectly conceived piece of silver work.  If I had had the yen I would have immediately forked out for it and clanked off onto the streets of Shibuya.  Unfortunately I will have to remain patient for now, but rest assured that this chain sits up with Bill Wall Leather’s perfectly precise U-Boat links – and that is high praise indeed.

However, Glam Scale are more than one of the best wallet chains I have ever seen, the designer has three lines – the past (Lost One), present (Deep Seeker) and the future (Evolver) that all have there own feel and are tied together by elements that continue through all 3 that the designer has dubbed “The Cycle”.  As you might expect the designer was previously an artist before he bagan to work with silver, and that has given him a chance to think about the identity and atmosphere of the brand that really shines through in his work:

He also does a good line in accessories for suited men, including this fantastic tie-clip,

And even one that the most conservative salary-man might be able to get away with.

When I wear a suit I always have fun with a nice chunky pair of cufflinks, but always best to go for something abstract as my skull ones have drawn much disapproval in meetings in the past.

Check out the innermost clip on the chain, it almost looks like some kind of bio-mechanical crab claw – in a good way!

Really nice neo-gothic vibe to this bracelet, that reminds me a little bit of Anima.

And this one has the nice dangling elements that brands like Deaf Breed and Darts do so well, but this has brought a little bit of a mechanical vibe to the otherwise organic mix.

Really great details on the inside of the ring, for more examples of this you really need to check out Skull Laboratory.

Obviously the mechanical vibe has been done before by designers like Dr Monroe and so on, but by mixing it with a modern organic feel (rather than dated bio-mechanical) Glam Scale has managed to establish themselves on the silver scene and it is high time more people started to take notice.

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7 Responses to The Past, Present and Future of Glam Scale

  1. brad-t says:

    I saw that revolver chain before actually! Crazy. All of this stuff is pretty great, though from what I can recall it is priced to suit its designs.

  2. brad-t says:

    Actually, looking at it now all the prices are pretty palatable, except for the wallet chains, understandably …

  3. Samuel says:

    @ Brad-t

    I think the pricing is pretty good on everything. A wallet chain is always going to be your most expensive item of jewelry, and it is also the item that is going to be chucked around and scratched to hell and back fastest. I will also say that mechanical joints in silver always bump the price right up as they are a pain to get nice and smooth. So all taken into account, and with the weight of silver involved I am going to say it is pretty fair.

    Wallet chains are always hard to get right. I know that when I saw my Bloody Mary one for the first time, I just knew that it was the one for me. It is the kind of thing you only need to buy once and then you are set for decades.

  4. brad-t says:

    For sure the prices are fair. Whether they’re palatable for people who aren’t hardcore into silver is something else entirely. I carry my wallet in my bag, so a $1500 wallet chain is probably not in the cards for me, but the piercings and bracelets are quite cool and closer to what I’m willing to pay.

    Never say never though, I could end up buying something like that in a few years … haha!

  5. Samuel says:

    Oh definitely. I think by the time you end up in the hardcore fashion, or hardcore silver camp your buying decisions become increasingly difficult to justify. But just like with an Ann D vest made of angel tears, if you want it you are going to have to pay the entry fee.

    I do have to admit though that I sometimes have my wallet in my bag, but still wear a wallet chain just as an accessory…


  6. James says:

    Could you share links where I could purchase these unique pieces? I’m particularly interested in cufflinks and tie clips.

    Thank you.

  7. Samuel says:

    @ James

    Glad you like them. You can buy online on Rakuten here:

    And if you speak a little Japanese (or have a friend who does) then I would send the guy an email. He is a cool guy and I am sure he would be happy to help you out.


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