Following on from our general coverage of Hyper Japan 2010 we thought we would take the time to focus on the fashionate that were milling around the event hall.  It must be stressed that this represenents a tiny selection of the attendees of the day – trust me – we could have snapped for hours, but we were having far too good a time to have occupied ourselves purely in snapping away.  Still, I think the standard of Japanese fashion on show was to a really high standard, though it might have been nice to have been able to have found a couple more guys to embrace the style, still, it was an excellent turn-out which you will see if you click on through to continue reading.

I thought it was great to see not only those to have fully embraced a Japanese brand (and do it well), but also those who brought their own personality to their Japanese fashion.  That is after all the best thing about fashion derived from street style, that it evolves, that you can bring your own take on it to a public setting and influence all who see you that day.  That is in itself the genesis for the success of Harajuku or Shibuya street fashion, the melding of ideas that inspires not only the designers but the people to create their own style and sphere of influence.  While Hyper Japan is hardly on that scale, the principle was well and truly there.

But without further a do, on with the outfits:

First up is Tokyo Telephone’s very own Samuel looking ecstatic about his proximity to One Piece’s Tony Tony Chopper!

Samuel equally happy to meet Kera and Gothic Lolita Bible editor – Naoki Matsumura.

Some brilliant examples of Lolita Fashion, two of which have been on Tokyo Telephone before – here

Some brilliant examples of creativity and individuality that would not look out of place on Takeshita Doori.

Misako Aoki posing with some of her delighted UK Lolita fans.

Looking very pleased with herself – and who could blame her!  Love this look.

Great to catch up with some of the regulars of the UK scene.

A very striking Lolita ensemble and you can almost certainly never go wrong with fur.

Fabulous Hime – and yes we will meet up soon!

A great range of influences brought this outfit together and her own fierceness carried it off.

And while I loathe to have a favorite, Lyuba’s take on 50’s Kimono styling was absolutely perfect and a great example of bringing your own identity to an established fashion genre.

With examples like this to follow there are really no excuses not to take the plunge into Japanese fashion.  While Misako Aoki was doubtless a wonderful Kawaii ambassador, the real ambassadors of the day were the UK fans, they provided a tangible accessibly to Japanese fashion – if they could do it, what on earth is stopping anyone else?

That is all for now, but I hope I have managed to convey just how good Hyper Japan was as an event on the day and as a landmark in the UK J-Fashion scene.  I can only wait with baited breath for next year’s Hyper Japan – surely a given.

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4 Responses to The People of Hyper Japan 2010

  1. brad-t says:

    Cool pics, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Thanks! There were so many well-dressed people, this is only a fraction!

    A proper lack of fashionable men though, you & Samuel have to redress the gender balance 🙂


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