I am feeling more than a little smug today as due to our election woes in the UK this morning the value of the sterling has dropped like a proverbial stone – and I was fortunate enough to convert my pounds into yen just two days ago.  Phew, dodged a bit of a bullet there!

The exchange rate of the these days is a far cry from the glory days of over 200 yen to the pound only 4 years ago when I used to boast how relatively cheap a country Japan was to live in.   While it is more expensive now, the current exchange rate places the cost of travel as comparative to a trip to London – so hardly prohibitive.  On the subject of the exchange rate I would really recommend shopping around for a good rate on your cards you are going to use abroad as well as on your currency exchange.  I heartily recommend this site for getting the best rate on the day and do not hesitate to pick up the phone and barter with them for the best rate you can – particularly if you are going to be converting more than 500 pounds.  So good luck with the soaring yen and the dropping pound, you just can’t help but hope that it can only get better….


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