The Olympics coming to an end has brought with it a confused patriotism and nostalgia that your operators here at Tokyo Telephone feel whenever we are reminded of the fact that England (where we are from) is a pretty great country, a fact we rarely address as we have spent most of our time and effort for the vast majority of our lives to move away from it to live in Japan.  Growing up and being 100 percent infatuated with a small percentage of another country is not exactly conducive to an open mind, and I will admit to being a bit unfair on the country that beat me into shape, especially when it felt like it was encroaching on my fashion sense.  I will always remember the time when I first left my apartment proudly wearing a pair of white Hiromu Takahara boots, and within seconds had been shouted at and confronted by a group of skinheads, braces and all.  Well the great thing about being in Tokyo is that it puts you in a situation where you can appreciate both of those worlds, you can dress like the aforementioned skinheads or wear the boots without fear of confrontation and while that might make sense from a lifestyle perspective (for me at least) it doesn’t change the fact that England produces a lot of great fashion that you often don’t appreciate while you are in the bubble growing up with it.

As it happens before I ended up working in London (around Soho), my roots were deep in the countryside full of the kind of heritage fashion that Tokyo menswear is going crazy for this coming winter season.  Needless to say I didn’t appreciate a jot of it at the time, but seeing it re-interpreted through a Japanese lens I will grudgingly admit a respect for it.

This nostalgia comes courtesy of The River a brand founded by Tetsuya Omura and Jun Hagen whose muse is heritage or traditional fashion from around the world.  Previous collections titled “Afro Beat Ivy” have explored Ivy League fashion from an interesting angle, but their take on English country wear is traditional through and through.

Love the tweeds and pleasantly rustic palette, although the Union Jack sweater might be a step too far.

For more on The River’s classic menswear world you will want to look at their official site here.  As for me I am glad Tokyo gets to pick and choose the best of the UK, now if only I could find some decent black pudding all will be right in the world.

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