Following fast in the footsteps of the Achievers design team’s core collection ACV comes their second line – The Test.  As you would expect with a second line, this is easier to wear, focusing as it does on conventional items that could slip into any wardrobe like t-shirts and other essentials.  However, since its inception last year The Test has quickly developed a character of its own beyond that of a basics line and become a uniform for the cutting edge street fashion devotees of Harajuku.  Now the onslaught of geometric patterns, triangles and vivid colours has become a signifier for a new cult sweeping Tokyo – a cult you are invited to join with their latest collection: Propaganda.

Continue reading to see more from the devotees of this Triangle Cult.  As a complete ensemble it resembles a futuristic monks uniform, but I do assure you that in isolation pieces from this brand can be slotted into any outfit with ease as the citizens of H>Fractal La Foret can attest to.

On with the fantastic look book:

Obscenely beautiful lining and geometric leggings – count me in.

I think the look works best when you either saturate yourself with the contrasting patterns or when you use them very sparingly (as above) by separating them with chunks of black.

The massively oversized outer has been a big hit this season in Harajuku and it is showing no signs of going anywhere this AW.

The Test is also one of the best examples of genderless unisex styling out there,

and can be effortlessly styled to be either fun and girly or gothically austere.

The other backbone of their work – space prints, remain as strong as ever this season.

They can also be relied upon for a nice bit of subtle structuring every now and then as well (but even then with a triangle theme!).

Absolutely love this look – and it allows you to see that The Test is not all about triangle gimmickry.

There you have it, another triumphant showing from the masters of Harajuku street fashion.  As you would expect from a brand in La Foret the prices are actually very fair indeed and I should note that this is also stocked on the 4F of 109 Mens as well.  So very accesible, very wearable and I think this would go down very well outside Japan, wherever you happen to be around the world.  Although I do have to warn you that once you enter the domain of the triangle cult it does become something of an addiction…

You can see more on the official shopping site which also has a mountain of links to their other brands and designer team’s blogs.  Definitely enough for you to get lost in…

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3 Responses to The Test AW 2011-12 Propaganda Collection

  1. Tori says:

    Love love love this collection, both the men’s & the women’s! ♥ Especially digging that crazy oversize rainbow print hooded poncho thing~

  2. Samuel says:

    Tell me about it, they can do no wrong at the moment. If you are in the market for crazy over-sized ponchos you should check out Hiro’s work as well – he is another of the new generation of Harajuku “ones to watch”.

  3. Oliver says:

    um I’m getting a questionable African appropriation from this…

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