Lolita fashion is pretty specific – mostly concerning skirt length and volume – but I think we can all safely agree that while there’s no one & only image of a lolita, there’s a certain aesthetic that sets lolita apart from other ‘romantic’ styles such as mori and dolly. But what happens when you start to play with the conventions of lolita fashion?

I’m a bit of a Japanese fashion magazine enthusiast/obsessive, and one of my favourites has to be Alice Deco a la Mode. Although they haven’t produced more than four issues (yet – here’s hoping for more very soon!), it really stands out from the crowd as a magazine for the lolita fashion lover and individual. The styles shown in Alice Deco, although undoubtedly influenced by lolita, wouldn’t necessarily be considered wholly as such. In this way, I think it’s closer to the lolita of the pre-2000 era – more freeform with a less defined aesthetic, yet a homogeneous one nonetheless. Consider the early issues of the iconic Gothic & Lolita Bible: more gothic than lolita in most cases, but complimenting the styles and, more importantly the attitude, very well.

Alice Deco leans more to the pop & cute side of lolita ‘decorative/decolative’ fashion, but with a hefty helping of antique and mori influences too. It’s a magazine that inspires rather than instructs – continue reading for a journey through some of my favourite shoots…

This is so painfully cute I absolutely had to post it. Had to.

A variety of cute and casual coordinates from just a few items – time to look at your wardrobe in a different light!

I am a sucker for a foot-based pom-pom. I think this is pretty accessible in terms of lolita-influenced fashion – we’re not talking petticoats and split-colour wigs – but there’s a strong femininity present.

Ame-lolita – key points: boater hats, straw bags, clogs, decorating using hair accessories, corsages and denim shirts. Not to mention gingham!

Country lolita gets a make-over – I love the autumnal colour palette. There’s an outdoors influence on left-field fashion in Japan at the moment, sort of a crossover between mori and hiking gear.

Beautiful and antique – all in white & complimentary tones being two of the hardest styles to pull off. Kudos.

I’d like to think that this is the equivalent of a mori going native in a haberdashery store. On the cheap too! Affordable & creative fashion…

‘Girly’ style and ‘boyish’ style – either way, I’m digging the wired pigtails and tartan biker gloves.

Bold style with a selection of items; some more directly lolita than others, but a great example of a mix & match complimentary wardrobe.

I do love a biker jacket, and those cowboys boots are amazing.

Going more over-the-top, yet ending up with a typical lolita silhouette.

When you take the bloomers and tea party shoes away, you’re left with the lolita state of mind and while clogs, A-line skirts and leather jackets may not be everyone’s idea of an ideal lolita style, Alice Deco a la Mode is most definitely my cup of tea – off-beat, quirky and above all inspirational.

See (slightly) more at the Alice Deco a la Mode blog.

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4 Responses to The Unconventional Alice – Lolita Fashion Sidetracked

  1. Laura says:

    O_O wow this is really interesting.. every time i saw Deco Alice in Kino i assumed it was a decoden book /fails
    i think i’ll go download a scan ^-^

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    It’s so lovely! I had a really hard time cutting down my short-list of fifty images! 🙂


  3. I really love the style here! Thanks for sharing this. ^_^

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Thanks Corey Lee!
    I hope we can inspire some more of your amazing drawings – S & I just love your site and style!


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