Perhaps it’s the sunshine, perhaps it’s the humidity starting to get to me, but I really have the urge to dress in Theatre (note British spelling) Products-esque clothing recently. I’ve been becoming more and more drawn to these kind of quirky feminine styles over the past couple of months, and it seems I’m not only one: all over Tokyo girls (and quite frequently men too) have been enjoying the warm weather in skirts and dresses – I’ve even noticed higher numbers of lolita fashion fans walking around town too.

Theatre Products has a bit of cult following here in Tokyo, and while I’m not (yet) a card carrying member, I am a long-distance admirer, and many’s the time we’ve seen girls clutching well-worn tote bags and dressed head-to-toe in Theatre Products. It’s not a look that screams at you, unlike some other less-subtle Japanese fashion, but there’s a real sense of joie de vivre in many designs and you just can’t help getting caught up in Theatre Products’ unique elegance. For the autumn winter season, Theatre Products have taken a look back at their excellent archive, and while the logo print may be a little brash for some, what’s presented will no doubt win whole hosts of new fans.

My particular favourites are the lovely sky-blue outfits, matching black pyjama suit, oversized outers and everything in the wonderful vintage flower-print – I’ll have to put aside some cash now for when it finally hits the shops! I think I’d like to start introducing a little more colour into my rather monocrome wardrobe (oh…!), I think Theatre Products’ grown-up brand of kooky fashion hits the right note, and in my head I’m adding pieces from Tsumori Chisato, Bortsprungt and Fur Fur

Kind of in love with the hair-style on the right.

Two top-knot/notch ladies (also pretty great of Theatre Products to use an older model too – awesome), and I’m dribbling over those printed trousers.

Little bit in love with both these outfits – I could really go for a proper matching top and bottom ensemble.

Matching shades of blue.

I keep wanting to repeat the word lovely again and again…

(images thanks to fashion-press)

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