As collaborations go, does it really get any better than this?

The three of the biggest forces in reconstructed fashion have come together to form some kind of beautiful holy trinity.  Kitakore as the Koenji hub of creativity that has given us Dog, ilil, Garter, Nincompoop Capacity and Hayatochiri along with an inspirational DIY approach.  Primitive as the savior of the London underground fashion scene.  And Discount as the coolest up-and-comers on the fashion map who can pretty much make anything cool by their proximity alone.

The project is to have each of the three shops send each other three random items which the recipient will then work their magic on, the results of which will be shown at exhibitions at the three locations.

Continue reading for a much closer look at the three involved and justification (as if it were needed) that these are the guys and gals who make fashion what it should be.

Now I feel a bit redundant introducing Discount, you should know who they are and god knows I have had them recommended to me enough times in emails usually titled “you have to see this”.  Anyway, the Australian duo are yet to even open their first shop or launch their first collection but MIA, Britney and a whole galaxy of stars are already wearing their jackets and I have a bag of cash with their name on it ready to hand over when I get the chance.

Yes. A thousand times yes.  Studded perfection.

This is apparently their first studded piece which quickly became their trademark style.  So much work has to go into work like this to make it “work”, the same amount of time you spend cramming in those studs is spent putting in pads and lining it, never-mind how hard it is to stop the fabric from bunching up too much.

But it is not just about studs, although people (like me), do tend to hone in on them and ignore all else.  For me the genius of Discount is the intangible atmosphere they manage to create around their clothes, which is mostly down to their great blog used to communicate directly with their fans.

Love how the panels of the jacket are exaggerated by the lines of studs.  Can’t wait to see this in motion at some point.

Which leads us on to a sneak peak at their latest project.

Here you can see them hard at work on their project for Three.  You just know that it is going to be good.

Discount’s presentation will coincide with Australian Fashion Week so you should definitely check it out if you are over in that part of the world.

Next up is the recently opened Primitive London hidden under a railway arch near Haggerston station, run by Andrew Green and Lui Nemeth (daughter of Harajuku hero Christopher Nemeth).

They opened their doors earlier this month with a party populated by some of London’s finest, Banzai and Mademoiselle Yulia.

Check out this light up leather riders designed by ilil – amazing stuff.

Primitive is half installation space and half boutique showcasing a range of UK and Japanese talents.  I instantly home in on the work by ilil and Yoruko Banzai – above.

This installation is by Banzai himself and will be followed by Three in due course.

Great view of the space here at Primitive which you should definitely visit should the chance come your way as they stock Candy favorite – Balmung, ilil, Banazi as well as Giza.

Behold Tokyo style icon Mademoiselle Yulia in all her stunning glory who graced London with her presence for the opening.

The final segment of the triangle is the ever cool Kitakore building which seems to be largely represented in this project by ilil who as I said above is stocked in Primative and also stocks work by Banzai – very cool to see them all integrating with each other so closely.

This is the inside of the ilil shop in Kitakore, an almost polar opposite to the cavernous Primitive, but with no-less atmosphere.

Verbal wearing Banzai’s awesome jacket that appears as part of the Primitive installation.  When Verbal wears your gear you know you are on to something good.

And from the ilil remake line, that always makes me smile, as does the following:

Love it, and want it.

But we will have to wait a little while before we see what these three leading creative groups come up with for each other.  I for one am excited and I just hope that this is the start of many many more similar projects.  That is after-all the basis of what we strive for here at Tokyo Telephone, to show that all these things from Japan have the potential to enjoy an audience abroad – if you are reading this then you too are proof of that fact.

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