Although I am quite happy to be English, I’m not down with proper nationalism. However, the one stereotypically English thing I am passionate about is tea. Tea! Tea, giver of life, and banisher of hangovers. Samuel can vouch for the fact that without a brew in the morning I become some kind of raging beast. (Well, more so than usual!)

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One things that troubles me is getting hold of a decent cup of tea in Japan, and I do mean proper tea – none of that green nonsense, thank you very much.

The short answer is of course to bring your own teabags! (I do actually do this…) If on the other hand you do insist on venturing in to the murky and often terrifying world of non-Japanese tea in Japan, then please be prepared.

Tea is available at virtually every little coffee shop and/or cafe – it’s tea Jim, but not as we know it! Often it’ll be masquerading as ‘royal milk tea’, ie: brown, full of honey and a wee bit pretentious. If it’s a hot day, I’d probably go for iced tea – takes a bit of getting used to, but you do develop a taste for it. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll fall back on my last resort: a carton of iced lemon tea – I used to live on this stuff, as well as amazing thick Japanese bread, on my very first trip to Japan when I was too concerned about buying a million pairs of multicoloured tights to worry about saving money for decent breakfast.

All this being said, I’m willing to give any kind of tea a go! It might well revolutionise my life, but I’ll still pack my PG Tips just in case.


PS: Very exciting announcement coming tomorrow!

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