I always feel that I need to start every post with a justification of how much I love a particular brand or collection, and of course Toga is no exception. I constantly have the need to reiterate just how amazing Japanese fashion is, even though I’m sure you’ve (hopefully) gathered that within about 30 second of being on this site! It’s a genuine passion that drives us forwards, and I do hope that you’ll continue with us into 2013, which is shaping up to be our most exciting year yet for Tokyo Telephone…

Back to the matter at hand: Toga’s masterful spring summer 2013 collection. The theme for this season is ‘Palais Royal’, and I’m slightly ashamed to admit that having never set foot in France despite being from the UK (all my pennies have been funneled towards Japan for as long as I can remember!), a little bit of googling had to be done in lieu of proper boots on the ground research.

What I discovered thanks to some frantic image searching was a sumptuous and vast building, with a wonderful, and distinctly stripy, art installation by Daniel Buren. Officially called Les Deux Plateau, but more commonly referred to as Colonnes des Buren, it consists of a series of low and high black and white striped columns covering 3000 square metres in the courtyard of the Palais Royal. As soon as I saw it, this collection clicked with me: a perfect fusion of french opulence and modern minimalism – stripes, embroidery, full skirts, stripes, rich colours, stripes, wicked shoes, and err, more stripes. While it may seem a touch circus-like at times, Toga’s ever-present attention to detail and form stops this from being too costume like. Sheer silver glittering mesh is heavily stitched with metallic threads, peplums (also a winter hit on the streets of Tokyo) feature heavily, as do boxy structured shoulders and both ankle-length and pencil skirts.

 Needless to say that I can’t wait to have a good rummage in the store itself again next year…

This jacket is one of the stars of the show.

Pencil skirts look just as good with over-size blazers and cardigans draped casual over shoulders.

Fantastic shoes are a given at Toga.

I’m sure these high-waisted trousers would look terrible on me, but I don’t care!

Dribble-worthy shoes – the best way to finish on a high note.

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