May the fourth be with you, and also with Toga! I’ve written about Toga a couple of times before, and it’s always really exciting me for to open their look book and see what’s going to be hitting the shop next season. Of course I end up falling for several pieces and wishing it was six months later and then totally forget about the current season because I’m so focused on the next season of Japanese fashion… I think what I’m trying to say is that Toga is one of my favourite Japanese brands right now, and it’s a direction that I’d like to steer my personal style towards in the future.

For autumn winter 2012, Toga have gone with, as you’d expect from the title, a rather geometric look. You can expect (and in my case hope for) from Toga,  plenty of peplums, collared shirts, high-waisted trousers and intricate layering that makes me long for cooler days to play with my expanding wardrobe. I’m a big fan of Toga’s signature silhouettes: nipped waists, long legs, top-heavy, and with extra layers to add a bit of femininity back to more masculine tailoring. Style it up with a bit of red lipstick and blow-dried hair, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this might be brainchild of mode-lovers Emoda or Murua

Interestingly, this collection blends a couple of different influences together: washi, traditional Japanese paper prints; and Native American patterns. It’s an unusual mix, but one that really works together – Native American jewellery, although not as popular as once was, is still big business in Tokyo so it’s great to see these kind of traditional images appearing in clothing too. Although I’ve highlighted only favourite shots from the look book, I’m really looking forward to seeing this collection in person as soon as possible!

The dress on the right – wow. I love how the print really works with the body.

Beautiful colour on the left.

What a gorgeous red – I’m hoping it has a nubbly texture in person, just like washi.

More stunning layering.

Oh, that little black dress!

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