Following on from my look at Toga the other day, I now bring you Toga Pulla; Toga’s sub-brand. It was actually Toga Pulla that first caught my eye; something about the structure and shapes and colours made these lookbook photos stand out from the crush of catwalk shots and editorials that I wade through on a daily basis searching for fashion nuggets and gleaming gems. (No, I have no idea what I’m on about either.)

Slightly less ‘high fashion’ than Toga, Toga Pulla nonetheless compliments the main line very well. In Toga Pulla we find less drama, but more variety – bolder colours, patterns, softer drapes, but still elegant and accessible tailoring. High waists, peplums and collars add a touch of 1940s refined style, while the overall coordinations keep the look modern.

I think I’ve mentioned before the struggle that is the professional fashionable wardrobe – it’s all very well wearing ginormous hats and seven inch heels, but when you have to jump on the very next packed train in Tokyo to get to that important meeting, you really don’t want to be worrying about breaking your ankle or ripping the delicate fabric before you’ve even left the station. But this is fashion, darling! So of course you don’t want to look like just another office girl or someone else’s slightly frumpy aunty (oh, the horror!) either. I’ve often caught myself dreaming of this balanced wardrobe, and now it feels like Toga have plucked it from the fluffy clouds inside my brain. Hurrah!

I just love the peplum detail at the waist; quite flattering for me! The black & mustard dress is giving me Wednesday Addams vibes, which is never a bad thing. If only I had enough hair to tie up in a black ribbon…

I am a sucker for half-and-half tights, even though the black & white Chanel ones are sadly out of my budget when it comes to hosiery; this black & patterned version is great for adding a bit of drama to an otherwise plain outfit. I believe on the right is the colour ‘chartreuse’ which never fails to make me think of a story by Judy Blume where the male protagonist had a chartreuse jacket. Amazing.

Salmon pink and brown are two colours you’d probably never see me reach for, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying seeing it here. Smoked salmon on toast, anyone? (I’m sensing the need to coordinating fashion and food – I guess I’ll be having the black pudding then?!)

Ho ho ho, crushed velvet isn’t for everyone but secretly I kind of love it. Oh, and a great way to wear a coat when/if the weather cools down!

Chic is a word that springs to mind here. I wouldn’t say no to the gold silk pumps either!

More lush lines and general greatness.

See more from Toga Pulla at the Toga homepage – I know I will be!

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