“A dancer who relies on the doubtful comforts of human love will never be a great dancer. Never.” 

Oooh, I just love Toga. I really do, and quite why Toga hasn’t gained as much international fame and glory is anyone’s guess. Well, I suppose I can do my part: hey everyone, isn’t Toga fantastic?!

This spring summer collection has been influenced by the 1948 film ‘The Red Shoes’, which is apparently one of the best films, like, ever – I’ve never seen it, but maybe I’ll have to take a peek now I’ve fallen for Toga’s new season looks. The film centres on a dancer torn between her need to dance and the man she loves, with plenty of ballet and a tragic ending for good measure. I’m more of a horror fan, but maybe I can stop looking for zombies for long enough to enjoy this classic… Of course Toga aren’t the first to be influenced by ballet films (hello, Black Swan!), but there’s less tutus here and more elegance, which I think is pretty refreshing.

So what does Toga take from the film? Red shoes, as you’d hope! I’m a hugely vastly massive fan of Toga’s simple style -feminine drapes, masculine tailoring, pastels and bolds, and plenty of sheer fabric – so I’m happy to see all these elements still remaining. I’m a little bit in love with the big black and mint stripes featured in the above image; the perfect twist on the pale shades that seems to come out of the woodwork every spring without fail (sidenote: can’t wait to show you GVGV’s collection – you’ll love it!). Probably my biggest hit of this season for me have to be the trousers: beautifully cut, high waisted and with an extra drape of fabric at the front that almost reminds me of Vivienne Westwood’s iconic bondage trousers. Love ’em, and I’ll have to hot-foot it over to Harajuku as soon they come in store!

Hngghgnghgn. Amazing. Check out that embroidery on the left!

The mix of the flower print and pastel stripes here is wonderful.

Stunning! Really like the bordeaux shade too.

Sheer skirts are an incredibly huge trend in Tokyo right now, and it’s great to see a more adult take on this look.

The yellow jacket, the black trousers… I think I’m having a moment! Deep breaths, deep breaths.

The dress on the right – ’nuff said.

Unashamedly would be happy to wear both these outfits. Dribble.

Stay tuned for more from Toga very soon…

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