I unashamedly love Christmas, and the winter holiday season. I often think that all mentions of Christmas should be banned before December 1st so as not to get bored of hearing cheesy songs and seeing twinkly lights before the big day itself. However I don’t think Tokyo got my message: as soon as Halloween was over, Christmas trees started sprouting all over the city, candy canes and reindeer started popping up, and even the speaker system that’s attached to lamp-posts down our street in Koenji has been broadcasting carols and version of Christmas songs for a few weeks now (pretty surreal, I can tell you!).

Samuel and I went on a photo-walk around Harajuku, Omotesando and Aoyama a wee while ago, and now that we’re fast approaching the holidays what better chance to share some shots of early Christmas decorations? I should mention that these photos were taken before they turned on the lights on the trees that line the broad Omotesando street – rest assured I’ll be back with my camera very soon, even if I have to battle countless other people with the same idea… and the guys in uniform marshalling everyone across the street and urging them not to stop for a photo opportunity in the middle of the road. Oh, Tokyo!

Candy Stripper looking very festive with a lovely pastel Christmas tree in the front window, and another inside for good measure!

Pass the Baton; it’s a Coca-Cola Christmas, and I love the selection of warm wooly jumpers too.

I am determined to take Samuel’s photo in this contraption one day soon! It’s usually infested with small children though…

Wut Berlin gets in the holiday spirit (our coverage of their fashion show will be up soon!).

Uh, any excuse for Vivienne Westwood! My, what a cheeky round snowman you have…

After a rather poor showing from many shops in Omotesando, I was really excited by Issey Miyake’s amazing window!

It’s a little hard to make out, but there are animals made of tin-foil – such a great idea.

A little further down the road I found a Pleats Please Christmas tree. It’s a high-fashion holiday!

Tsumori Chisato looking suitably twinkly and twee.

And finally, some of the last autumn leaves.

I’m looking forward to taking more Christmasy photos very soon!

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2 Responses to Tokyo Fashion Shops Approach Christmas…

  1. Charlotron says:

    Ohh, that horse and carriage is too lovely!! And I love the Pleats Please tree, it’s stunning.
    Hope you’re both well! x

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Charlotron – !!! Lovely to hear from you, my dearest dear! Hope you’re having a fab Christmas, and I’ll save you some silly cats over here 🙂

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