Even though I’m a bit freaked out by the 1990s fashion resurgence that seems to be happening in all the cool corners of the internet (it’s very odd to see certain trends like tiny backbacks and cycling shorts and stuff I used to wear as a little goth teenager in the early 2000s; chokers, beaded bracelets, etc), it’s spurred me on to write a bit about Tokyo Bopper, one of my favourite Japan-native shoe brands.

As a child, I was just the right age for the Spice Girls craze, and even though I wasn’t a superfan, I did have a rather fetching pair of denim platform trainers. My love of giant footwear did not end there. Oh no. I remember fondly my red leopard print Buffalo platform trainer/boot things, and some amazing high black boots with red straps from a company that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. All these shoes I have loved, and more. I think of them fondly in Shoe Heaven (you know it exists!) dancing the days away. I think Tokyo Bopper, and shoe brands Belly Button & Unbilical, tap into my childhood love of oversize shoes. (Sidenote: I’m pretty tall anyway, so in some pairs of shoes I’m just brushing 6ft. Awesome. I love being tall.)

Read on for a look at popular styles and some very cute customers and staff…

I’ve chosen to focus on the red shoes because they’re amazing, and also show the different styles available;

Frigging love these boots. Hubba hubba.

I don’t think these have a white sole version, but we’ll see…

Oh, I am sorely tempted by both the ballerina styles! They look a bit easier to walk in than rocking horse shoes (I did very nearly almost fall over in the Vivienne Westwood shop on King’s Road trying on a fetching gold pair!), and come in a variety of colours: olive; pink; grey; black and red. In this case, i think the red wins it for me: red shoes and red lipstick, a favourite combination.

And now, if you’ve ever wondered how to coordinate your beautiful new pair of shoes, here’s some styling ideas from the staff & customers from the blog;

Fabulous news for all Tokyo Bopper shoe-lovers – as of the start of 2010, they’ve offered international shipping. Hurrah! Of course, if you’re in Tokyo you don’t want to miss out either…



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10 Responses to Tokyo Bopper – The Trendiest Harajuku Shoes

  1. cassandra says:

    unique shoe porn ftw !!!!!!!
    too bad they probably don’t come in a size 11…….:(
    still seriously pretty to look at

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed looking at them! 🙂

    I just had a look at the site – it seems the men’s shoes go up to about a US 10, so if you’re very lucky you might be able to stretch the leather to give you some wiggle room. Good luck!


  3. Tori says:

    I was wondering what brand those shoes are!! I’ve seen them all over the fy-fruits tumblr & on droptokyo.jp & they have really grown on me ♥ The red ones are so cute.

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    It’s really funny that when I posted the first article on Tokyo Bopper it didn’t get that much attention, but now (probably due them being ‘cool’ on tumblr), both articles are getting huge amount of traffic! Thank you, internet trends! 😉

    The ballerina style would would look amazingly cute on you!


  5. K.C. Murphy says:

    I would lOVE to buy the Unbilical wrap boots -but it’s an expensive risk to order them to ship to USA – can anyone comment on the fit? Do they run large? Narrow? Anything?

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi K.C., thanks for getting in touch!

    I believe that Tokyo Bopper use Tenso for international shipping, and they’re a reliable company as far as I’m aware. It’s always worth searching for a few reviews though!

    I don’t own a pair of Tokyo Bopper shoes myself, but I would assume that like most Japanese shoes they run a little on the narrow side – however with the rounded toe designs it looks like there should be plenty of room.

    I hope that helps! Happy shopping!

  7. lou napolitano says:

    hey i was wondering if you could provide me with a link to be able to purcahse some of the shoes listed above?

  8. Rebecca says:

    @ lou napolitano – Here you go – enjoy! 🙂

  9. freya says:

    if they were too small would you be able to return them? (to belly button etc) also, do you know how much they are to buy in uk £?

  10. Samuel says:

    @ Freya

    Hmm. I think returning them would be difficult, so I would really check all measurements before you order. As for the price in pounds, that is going to depend on the exchange rate at the time of your order. I use XE for approximate exchange rate, but it could vary very slightly on the day.

    Hope that helps!

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