One of the central goals of Tokyo Telephone is to help share new and exciting Japanese fashion talent through this website (as well continuing to promote Japan as wonderful destination!), and I hope that we’ve exposed some of our readers to a few new brands and designers – here’s to more in future!

As part of the Brighton Fashion Week blogging crew, I met fellow BFW blogger Laura Grant-Evans – a simply lovely lady with bags of style, who has also spent many a year browsing the best of the Tokyo fashion scene. I recently met up with Laura, and while the wine was flowing freely & after we put the world to rights, we got on the subject of Japanese fashion…

In your own words: Since I was a child I have loved all things fashion related and after university I headed to Japan which is where my fashion career started! Whilst paying the bills as an English teacher abroad, I masqueraded as a fashion commentator, trying to make Japanese fashion accessible to foreigners. After 2 years of fun, I headed back to England and promptly moved to Brighton to start my own business as a fashion stylist. Since then, I have worked with women and men to improve their wardrobes and have worked on editorial shoots, most notably for Noir magazine where I am a regular stylist and writer. I have recently started working for as a weekly blogger from which I am very much enjoying getting involved in the local fashion scene.

Describe your style in three words: Varied, Colourful And Customised

Three reasons why you’re fabulous: I work hard but enjoy it, every greeting card I give is homemade And…

Name three sources of inspiration: People on the street, Vogue and my Bloke because he lets me borrow his clothes!

Who are your three style icons? Edie Sedgwick, Coco Chanel and Anna Della Russo

What are your three favourite fashion brands? Chanel, Yohji Yamamoto And Celine

Where are your three favourite places in the world? My Mum’s kitchen, wandering round Shimo-Kitazawa on a Saturday afternoon and Brighton beach in the summer

What three things are you most proud of? My (tiny) flat, every photo shoot I’ve done and my little brother

What is it about Japanese fashion that you find so engaging? The willingness to combine styles and to experiment with cuts and colours of fabrics that other fashion houses across the world would avoid. I love that when you ask most Japanese youngsters what their hobby is, they say shopping!

Do you think Japanese fashion will continue to grow in popularity outside Japan? If so, why? I believe it will expand quite rapidly in the next few years because people are starting to engage with it. In the past, Japanese fashion was seen as an untouchable ‘cool’ commodity whereas now it’s becoming more accessible due to blogs(!), shops opening and an increasing amount of young Japanese designers showing in Europe.

What do you think the future of Japanese fashion, both in the UK & Japan, will hold? I hope the designers continue to push boundaries and to advocate a true representation of all those wonderfully creative Japanese people on the streets. Due to fashion globalisation, which is increasing at an alarming rate, I believe we will soon be seeing more and more Japanese brands cropping up in the U.K.

(All photos provided by Laura Grant-Evans)

I have to say that I firmly agree with Laura’s love of Yohji Yamamoto and Shimokitazawa! What do you think?

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