Here at Tokyo Telephone, we love to get up close and personal with people who are involved in various Japanese fashion scenes, both in Japan and abroad…

I first came across the Pink Marble gyaru circle when researching an upcoming article for Brighton Fashion Week – fast forward a couple of months, and Samuel & I had the opportunity to meet up with the members, take some photos and chat about all things fashion. Pink Marble are pretty unique when it comes to gyaru circles: as well as being united by location and love of gyaru fashion, they also all have a keen interest in visual-kei music too, making for a tight-knit group of friends who love getting dressed up and seeing their favourite bands live. Did I mention that they’re also really lovely?

Click through for more amazing shoes, and some super gals!

Pink Marble agepoyooo!





Gyaru means to me: individuality, fun and sexy.

Why I love gyaru: it’s different, eye-catching and allows freedom of expression.

My style is: rock, edgy and fun.

I’m inspired by: street snaps, fellow gyaru bloggers and visual-kei bands.

“I hope that in the UK [gyaru] becomes more widely accepted and that people start opening their minds to it. It would be nice to see the gyaru community in the UK grow as a whole.”

Katie’s blog









Gyaru means to me: fun, exciting and individual.

Why I love gyaru: getting dressed up, having something to share with close friends and experimenting with hair & make-up.

My style is: original, sparkly and playful.

I’m inspired by: streets snaps, Japanese gyaru bloggers and Egg magazine.

“The gyaru scene in Japan will continue to boom, and possibly become even more mainstream and popular. However, I think will take a while for [gyaru] to catch on the UK, unlike other places in Europe.”

Alice’s blog








Gyaru means to me: sexy, stylish and fun.

Why I love gyaru: there’s lots of different styles, you stand out (in a good way!) and it’s not too expensive.

My style is: pink, sparkly and sexy.

I’m inspired by: Himena Ousaki, Sakurina, Miyashita Mao.

“I hope that in Japan, gyaru will be taken much more seriously… UK-wise, I hope that the public will accept us as the people we are.”

Emilie’s blog








Gyaru-o means to me: being different, fearless and ever-changing.

Why I love gyaru-o: it’s creative, fearless and different.

My style is: worn, weathered and aged clothing.

I’m inspired by: Japanese rock bands, The Gazette, and 1970s-80s denim.

“Gyaru will keep evolving as it has been for a while; for the the better or worse (hopefully the former!).”

{R’s note: Alex is an unofficial member of Pink Marble, but we couldn’t resist getting a male perspective too}






A few fun candid shots to finish with:

Where’s there’s gals, there’s purikura

Alex & Emilie are such a cute couple!

Big thanks from both Samuel and me to Pink Marble for a brilliant day out! I’ll be sure to dig out my false eyelashes soon…

(Some of these shots are mine, but huge thanks and credit for the best of the best goes to our brilliant photographer Bevan Rowlands – three cheers!)


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2 Responses to Tokyo Calling: Pink Marble Gyaru

  1. Sami says:

    I was looking forward to this! 😀 😀
    I love the Pink Marble girls (and you guys at TT too ofcourse hehe)

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I was so looking forward to posting it too!

    I think we might be doing something similar at the big gyaru meet in London this summer 🙂


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