Bored? Nothing to do? Want to add a bit Japanese joy to your life? Take note, as we’ve got a couple of great events to tell you about:

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Harajuku! @ Proud Camden, 24th August

“HARAJUKU! returns by popular demand when Criminal Records presents the Harajuku! Autumn Ball at Proud Gallery, Camden on Tuesday 24th August.

As the latest installment of London’s most notorious Japanese themed club night, the event features eight different themed rooms, celebrating Japanese wonders like Geishas, Lolitas, Comics, Gaming, Origami, Karaoke, Manga, Art and a mix of Live Bands, Indie Music and JPOP.

Harajuku! fashion is all about celebrating a love of Japan, being creative and mixing together different styles and influences, and has proved to be incredibly popular internationally. The fashion element is also a potent theme with the event fast becoming a key stop for a number of the freshest London designers. Party goers mix together different styles and influences and the competition for the best dressed character is fierce. Some characters dress up as idols from Anime, Movie while others focus on the looks of Gothica or Lolita.

The event has already gained a reputation with gaming communities as a great place to meet, socialise and play. At the new location, Harajuku! will be an even better experience as the night will benefit from its own Gaming Zone. Camden gamers will be able to choose from the large variety of PS3 and Wii games to play on the large screen including Xbox Rock Band, or bring their own handheld consoles to play in their own private area.
Manga aficionados will also have their own zone in one of themed ex-horse hospital stables, with screenings of Manga and Anime all night.
Other themed zones include the BYODJ, featuring a bring your own MP3 player listening party, to share the best recommendations of Jpop with others and get new tips. This is not to mention the Karaoke Zone where attendees can party in true Japanese style!”

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KERA Modeling Competition @ Hyper Japan, 1st – 3rd October

Prizes includes full outfits from brands like Moi-meme-moitie, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty and SexPot ReVenGe!

So if you like to be transformed to be a KERA model and win brands, click on the banner and read more about it.
Deadline for application is: 31st of August 2010 so hurry and APPLY NOW!


Sensational And Scandalous – But Still Sweet!
Top Brands Taking Part In HYPER STYLE A GO GO

HYPER STYLE A GO GO will bring together some of Japan’s leading street fashion brands, including Innocent World, designed by Yumi Fujihara and inspired by classical European elegance but updated for the modern, chic and cute woman, SEXPOT ReVeNGe, a fashion brand born in the streets of Harajuku with an uncompromising and unique street fashion message, Angelic Pretty, a super cute Lolita brand that’s all about frills and fun, and Moi-même-Moitié, the ultimate Gothic Lolita brand blending cute and dark.
Models selected to take part will be modelling outfits specially created for the occasion by KERA stylists, and will be able to keep the entire outfit once the show is over! Even if you’re not picked as a model, come on the day for a chance to win some cute and exclusive accessories!

Brands for KERA Competition Fashion Show:
Angelic Pretty
Innocent World
SexPot ReVenGe

Confirmed Guest:
Misako Aoki

Last but not least, buy your entry tickets now for cheaper rates before it’s all gone!”

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  1. […] We took some time out to get to know some of our Lolitas better and get their opinion on the UK scene.  Apologies to those who we did not get time to interview, at least your pictures can speak volumes in lieu.  You all looked outstanding and were a credit to the state of the subculture in the UK, with examples like yours to follow we can only expect greatness from the Lolita at Hyper Japan later this year. […]

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