With all the fuss and flurry and fists of cash changing hands at the latest Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC), you wouldn’t think that there was any kind of global recession hitting the fashion industry. Models, brands, thousands of screaming girls and tie-ins a-plenty, welcome to the future of fashion.

Tokyo Girls Collection is a bi-annual fashion festival event that connects the products and buyers in a truly innovative way. From the stage shows featuring popular entertainers and pop groups to the clothing shown on the catwalks, this is fast frenetic fashion for the modern age. Brands featured this season included Cecil McBee, Ravijour, Kitson and LDS to name a few, and were divided into different stage collections – Trend: LDS, Miia; Designers: Chesty, Rich; Elegance: Apuweiser-riche, ef-de; Select: Beams, Borny; Special: Jill Stuart, Ravijour; Highlight: Heather, Lovedrose; and most interestingly the new Vogue girl collaboration: Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi and Gucci lending Tokyo Girls Collection all the glamour of foreign brands – necessary in an economic climate when these non-domestic brands are struggling with the prolonged Japanese recession.

The dominant trends were 1970s-influenced retro girly, which of course you can’t escape from at the moment! Flares, feathers and flower power were the order of the day, so let’s get to the best bit: read on for photos…

Cecil McBee




Kariyushi Style Collection

Vogue girl collaboration:

Marc Jacobs



Yves Saint Laurent

This is by no means an exhaustive pictorial account of the shows themselves, but one that I hope gives a flavour of the fashion on show: 70s glam, retro fun, and a healthy dose of colour made for a show that left me feeling excited about the upcoming season.

For those who wanted to experience the all the glitz and glamour of TGC without actually being there, Tokyo Girls Collection were live-streaming the show on youtube, and will be releasing a 3D film of the event showing for only days in cinemas. Oh, and if you, like me, love a bit of dressing up, take a look at the G Collection x Tokyo Girls Collection web-based dress-up game – what a way to lose a couple of hours…

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10 Responses to Tokyo Girls Collection 2011

  1. Sarah says:

    I would rock that dress the Fendi model is wearing SO HARD. Also I have a crush on the Chesty girl. Which is a hilarious thing to say, but seriously, she just looks like she’s havin’ a good time!

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    The whole Chesty collection was like Carmen Miranda meets gyaru! Love it! (Also: Chesty should hook up with Titty & Co. Just sayin’) 😉

    I quite liked the Vogue Girl collaborations, the styling was not something I was expecting to see from those brands!


  3. trashtastika says:

    I missed Cecil McBee but I LOVE that paisley skirt in the outfit above!! I did see Chesty, Rich and Loved Rose but felt their outfits were uninspiring…all pastel and florally.

    Leave it to the fab Marc Jacobs, Fendi and YSL to be up with the latest trending in the rest of the world in the *Bright* colour blocking. Love the coral/turquoise clash, as well as the almost fluoro pink/orange/yellow YSL look.

  4. I’ve really fallen for Cecil McBee recently and I love the outfit… could not wear it because Maxi-s are not for meeee, but omg, I just want to buy it all up. I agree with Lady S up there, would rock that Fendi dress wow!

  5. Faye says:

    is that model for ralph lauren karina? *O*

    oh and is there any possibilty that fashion tv will send sth about this? =O

  6. Tori says:

    Thank you for this! ♥ I really like the looks you chose to show here~ it looks like Cecil did a great job as usual. The only thing I hate about that look is the shoes, haha XD

  7. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @ Leanne – We were dipping in & out of the shows, but managed to catch most of it – I love live-streaming!

    I agree! I’m a bit bored of the retro girly look already! 🙁


  8. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @ Caroline – I’m a new maxi addict! I thought Cecil did pretty well too, not too derivative 😉


  9. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @ Faye – Sorry to say that I’m not sure on both counts! :/


  10. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @ Tori – I was speed typing to get it ready in time! 😉 I’m not normally a huge fan of Cecil McBee, but I think they’re doing one of the best looks this season!


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