(AKA: A post in which I come out of the closet with regard to my weird obsession with Japanese electricity meters.)

Everyone always bangs on about how clean Japan is, and that is true to a certain extent. But aside from the shining metro stations and lack of litter, Tokyo is a city of more than thirteen million people in the metropolis. Where there’s people, there’s dirt. And I love it. Here’s a small selection of photos showing how much I like things a bit on the grubby side…

Canals and meters and telephone poles, oh my!

And so it begins…

I have tons more, but those are my favourites for now!

Ah, Shimokitazawa. I’m seriously impressed that the colour of the poster has managed to last despite it being up for seven years. Eagle-eyed readers might recognise this pole as the click through background!

I believe I took this is just around the corner from Shibuya station. Still give me the creeps, fantastic!

I really enjoy seeing this side of Tokyo – it’s a world apart from you see in the guidebooks, but there’s something quite beautiful about the contrast between hyper-Tokyo and grunge-Tokyo. If anything, it’s these rubbishy bits that make me love it even more.

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