Falling in love with fashion again…

I think it must have been around this time last year that Samuel and I first attended the roomsLINK fashion exhibition as part of Japan Fashion Week, and it really was one of our fashion week highlights. This year, with Mercedes-Benz sponsoring fashion week, Mini rolled out to support roomsLINK; it’s not an official part of fashion week in Tokyo, but is on at the same time and of course attracts much the same crowd… this gives you an idea of the convoluted and huge ball of threads that is ‘fashion week’ in Tokyo! (I’m still not entirely sure how the whole shebang works, several seasons down the line now.)

Despite Shibuya’s Belle Salle having (alas!) none the amazing cathedral-like grandeur of last year’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium, and the exhibition being split between two venues – my tired feet would like to thank the shuttle bus – the exhibition itself retained a more cosy and intimate feel. Inclusive rather than off-putting, and that’s what we love about fashion in Japan.

We strolled through racks and rails of beautiful clothing, gently touching new fabrics, stopping to snap some quick photos, and chatting to designers and PR chums. This isn’t the glamour and flashbulbs and haveyouseenwhatsheswearing of the catwalk shows; it’s another world. A world that’s a little slower, a little less dramatic perhaps, but one that I prefer. I’m personally not keen on the social side of the fashion biz; I’m much happier remaining anonymous and sitting behind a computer screen tapping away at the keyboard to share what I love with our audience who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to see such fantastic events as roomsLINK.

And on that note, here’s a tiny selection from the hundreds of photos I took that afternoon – a taste of next season’s Japanese fashion:

Dripping buttons at Hisui.

A forrest-shadow umbrella!

Lovely layering, and hand-printing.

Chaaaaaaaaains! (Rather than braaaaains, of course)

Above & below; platform shoes from Shiroma.

Who’s that in the background?!

Yes, those were real plants. I had to surreptitiously poke one to check. It was worth it.

I’m kind of in love with this guy.

I wonder who’s hands these are? Samuel tries on a suncream-bleached jacket from aptform.

Pretty much the only nod to March – fashion looks forwards.

From Africa to Tokyo.

I love tiny plants! Oh, and there were candles here too that smelled amazing.

I’m not the only one making eyes at Jenny Fax!

Some really interesting questions posed here – food for thought for another post, I’m sure…

We’ll be bringing you all our fashion week coverage, as well as taking a look at new and exciting fashion discoveries, from here on – stay on the line for all the latest & greatest Japanese fashion from Tokyo Telephone!

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