Your team of two here at Tokyo Telephone were delighted to be asked for an interview in one of our favorite magazines – ADD, and even more pleased to see it spread all across Japan as of yesterday.  It is especially good to know that it is not just the usual places, but also some of our favorite shops that keep the magazine, so from Nude Tramp to the Kitakore building you can swing by and grab it – do it now!  Apart from your operators there are interviews with the designers of Matohu, a focus on Garter and editorials featuring just the kind of young Japanese designers who we go on about at great length on this site.

The fact that this magazine exists at all is a testament to all that is great in Japanese fashion right now.  Obviously it is a print magazine, entirely funded by advertising, which in this day and age is an achievement in itself, but it is also run by a particularly young team who are mostly students at university.  The fact that they produce a top-class magazine is truly humbling and when I think of the standard of other projects (including our own), that we have undertaken when we were that age, I can’t help but be thankful for the passion and DIY attitude that exists in Japanese fashion.  So many people talk big, but these people actually make it happen.

Anyway, I could rave about it all day, the interview with us is below and I will replace in with a higher quality version once the magazine has been out for a while so that those of you who speak Japanese can read it.

In the interview we touched upon various aspects of what we want to try and achieve with the site, but mostly focused on the current state of Japanese fashion, which, all in all, doesn’t get half the credit it deserves.

Some more really interesting sections from the magazine.  On the left a discussion as to why there is so little criticism in Japanese fashion journalism, and on the right a look into the amazing Matohu.

We follow in the footsteps of Misha Janette, who was interviewed in the previous issue and who I work with at The Japan Times.

ADD also keep a website which they are in the progress of updating right now, but can always be relied on for some natural street snaps and interviews with street icons like Iccho and Matsuri.

Some examples of their past styling projects.

And creative direction.

Definitely check out the magazine if you have a chance and I will let you know if a digital version becomes available.  In the meantime follow them on Twitter and support this great magazine.

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3 Responses to Tokyo Telephone Interviewed in ADD Magazine Vol.5

  1. Andrew says:

    Congratulations on the interview, and thanks for the magazine info! I’ll definitely check it out once a higher-res version is available to see what I can make of it–should make a good translation project for me haha.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Andrew

    Thanks, I will get that up soon. I think because you know us, you will probably be able to second guess what we are likely to say and that will speed up the translation process for you!


  3. Andrew says:

    Haha yes, it’s always easier when you have an idea of what might be said anyway! Should still be fun though–fully translating magazine articles was one of the things I planned to move on to next in my studies, before they sort of stalled indefinitely (aka after I left Japan).

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