The 11th Japan Fashion Week has just started in Tokyo (well actually, I am writing this in advance but you get the idea!).  Tokyo Telephone are going to be having ever such a good time pottering around the shows and exhibitions in Tokyo Midtown etc, so if you are around do come on over and say hello.  This is the first JFW that the team at Tokyo Telephone will be attending since the founding of this site and that in itself is an exciting milestone for the site and we would be delighted if you want to join us to experience it vicariously as we bring you our reports.

Of course there are a couple of Gyaru/Gyaru-O friendly shows to report from – namely Liz Lisa and Vanquish, but Samuel is far too excited about going to Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets and Rebecca is more than a bit partial to Fur Fur.  Expect our coverage to reflect the scope that Tokyo Telephone aims to accomplish, namely that we are inclusive of all fashions, open to influences from all angles and never too cool to rummage through a bargain bin.

If you happen to be a journalist or visitor looking for some good places to go over Fashion week then definitely check out our dining tagtourism tag and the site in general for personally sanctioned advice on where you should be going and shopping.  However I do warn you that you are very unlikely to have enough time to complete our vintage shopping guide tour, but I am sure that all who visit Tokyo will eventually return.

So do stay tuned for our coverage of JFW, but also the King of Tattoo convention in Daikanyama, Ala Mode Market and much much more.  We are going to be awfully busy this visit to Japan, but I assure you it is never a chore, this is after all our actual lives, we would be doing it anyway whether we commit it to the internet or not!


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