The Tokyo Telephone team were out in force this weekend at the Japan Matsuri 2010 in London’s famous Spitalfields Market.  The last UK event we covered was Akemi Solloway’s Japanese Art Festival – coverage here & here – however the Matsuri had a completely different vibe and captured something very different from the average Japan focused convention diet of anime, manga and fashion subcultures – while they were also well represented, it was the spirit of Matsuri that took center stage – the sounds, music, food and most importantly atmosphere that could only be Japanese.  Hopefully we have managed to capture a degree of that in our extensive photo gallery after the jump and if we weren’t already going back to Japan soon, we would have booked ourselves a flight the moment we got home.  Hopefully we aren’t alone in that sentiment , but with such great events going on in the UK especially the upcoming Hyper Japan we really are well catered for in the UK.

Huge photo post below…

Thronging through the packed market was a real mix of Japanese ex-pats, locals on the way to brick lane as well as those who you can just tell have a prior interst in some facet of Japanese culture.  I think it was that which impressed me most about the event – that it was so inclusive of those who just wanted a nice day out with the kids as well as someone who wanted to go in Cosplay or watch a martial arts show.  It just goes to show that appreciation of Japanese culture has gone mainstream, which to us here at Tokyo Telephone is nearly always a good thing.  The more people who get to see the Japan that we love, the better!

On the day we pottered around having some Yakitori while watching some kendo (I haven’t practiced in years – but this did kinda tempt me back…), watched the various shows and caught up with some old friends.  Nothing stand-out special if you know what I mean, just basked in the nice atmosphere, that were it not for the lack of fireworks did much to match the real thing.

So without further ado here are our Matsuri memories:

Some people we thought really stood out on the day – it is good representations of these Japanese subcultures like this that makes Japanese fashion credible in the west – keep up the good work!

The entrance to the market as you approach from Liverpool St Stn

Lanterns on the perimeter

Attention to detail by the food stalls

Vintage Kimono for sale

Vintage armor – not for sale

A make your own phone charm booth in the market area

Sublime kimono and fabric

The cutest of kids!

Some wonderful artwork over in the exhibition areas

Samuel posing in front of Daisuku Kawada’s fantastic work.

Representing some London (Great Frog and Crazy Pig) and Tokyo (Big Black Maria)

Japanese vegetables grown in Sussex of all places!

Where we ended up getting our Yakitori from – yum!

The autumnal ceiling decorations

A manga wall that was open to all – with varying results

A view of the grocery section of the festival – this was about 10 percent of the total stalls!

Well that is it for now, I hope we have been able to give you a bit of a flavor of the day.  Now all that is left is to look forward to Hyper Japan later this month.  Good times!

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