That’s right, we’re heading out over the next few months to catch up on the best Japanese festivals the UK has to offer:

Japanese Art Festival (Aug 21st/22nd) – with events ranging from a lolita fashion show to traditional Japanese music, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the manga workshops and kawaii culture panel from 6%DokiDoki!

Japan Matsuri (Sept 18th) – judging by the runaway success of last year’s festival, we’re looking forward to a full-on fun-filled day!

Hyper Japan (Oct 1st/2nd/3rd) – from cosplay carnivals to hand-made sushi, it’s going to be a great three day celebration of the best of Japan! We’d also like to mention that HJ has put out a call for models (see here for more details) so if you’d love to be transformed by the Kera magazine stylists, working with amazing brands like Innocent World & Angelic Pretty, what are you waiting for? Did we also mention that you get to keep your outfit after the show? (I’d be all over this if I wasn’t too tall…) Good luck!

If you’re actively involved in the Japanese fashion sub-culture scene in the UK and attending these events, we’d love to talk to you! From gyaru to gothic lolita we want your opinions for forthcoming interviews!

Samuel and I are also working on something pretty fab, so keep your eyes open for a special announcement from us in the next few weeks! Keep your fingers crossed…


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  1. trashtastika says:

    Wow! Exciting!! I thought my trip to Japan later this month was cool, but there’s so much going on in the UK, I’m amazed!

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    There’s loads of events going on, not to mention smaller meet-ups and gatherings… I think we’ve got it pretty good here actually!

    If your fashionable travels take you over this side of the world, I’m sure the UK could show you a good time!


  3. brad-t says:

    Oh wow, I’m actually in the UK for work soon and have a day off on the day of the Japanese Art Festival. We should meet up 🙂

  4. tokyotelephone says:

    Great! I think we’ll be doing a few interviews that day so we might be rushing around quite a bit, but it would be fun to catch up!

    We can chat nearer the time & arrange something 🙂


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