Right, let’s get this out there: I frigging love Christmas. Religious significance aside, it’s the one day of the year where everyone comes together to give each things they don’t really want, drink too much champagne & sherry, eat far too much, have a blazing row and watch rubbish films and the Queen’s speech. Amazing. I love twinkly lights, plastic trees and walking around all bundled up. I love roast potatoes, and trying to hide brussels sprouts. Christmas in Japan is always a bit weird as it’s not really a proper seasonal holiday like in the UK, and we talk to our families via the internet – I still intend to watch some quality films though, and if I can find a roast potato somewhere in Tokyo it’s going straight in my gob!

Following on from Samuel’s Christmas wish list post yesterday, I thought I’d compile my own to get totally into the (slightly selfish) holiday spirit, huurah! So carry on scrolling to see what’s on my list this year – here’s hoping Father Christmas gets a good look before tomorrow…

I mentioned before that I’ve been developing this ‘spooky schoolboy’ aesthetic, that’s influenced largely by a lot of the vintage menswear shops in Koenji that we love. Of course, me being me, it’s got to be in black with a bit of a darker edge to it. On my creepy student list: a leather satchel, bow ties, cats eye glasses and winklepickers – I actually just bought a pair like this from Mouse, but they’re too fabulous to be left off the list. (This image is also case in point as to why I should never be allowed on Polyvore – I would honestly do nothing else with my time.)

Japanese fashion books – I don’t think I really need to explain this, but Samuel and I always seem to end up with a million books wherever we go. Most of them are in boxes in either Japan or the UK, but hey – you can never have too many lovely books. (Found on LN-CC, but mostly sold out, boo.)

Survive Style 5+ is truly one of my favourite films, and it greatly pains me that my DVD of this insane cinema masterpiece is… somewhere unknown. Just putting this collection of screenshots got me laughing, so I really must track down another copy. It’s even a bit Christmassy, in between serial killers, criminals and ad execs. (Also: Tadanobu Asano. Also: Jai West. Um…)

Firmly on my hypothetical and real wish list: Gareth Pugh for MAC. I’ve asked in a couple of MAC stores here in Tokyo, but no one had any idea what I was talking about. Oh, the biting disappointment! I’m really into purple at the moment, and this has just compounded my need for a purple lipgloss. And it’s all shiny and black and Pugh-esque!

Yohji Yamamoto, autumn winter 2011. Although this isn’t my top era for Saint Yohji, I’m really drawn to this collection, and I love the contrast between cotton candy hair, sheer light knits and strong military boots. I always stare longingly in the window of the Aoyama boutique, they must think I’m a right weirdo.

A couple of picks from Candy (it wouldn’t be wish list without a little bit of candy, right?) – Tarzan Kick t-shirt and Christian Dada jacket. Add in a couple of triangles and some old Vivienne Westwood three-tongue trainers… you’ve got it.

And now for all things Vivienne…

Old chunky silver Vivienne Westwood rings – lovely! I found a great oval ring with an embossed orb in a re-sale shop a while ago, and now I’m hooked! As much as I love Westwood jewellery, for me it has to be real silver: no green fingers for me, thanks! I’m actually on the hunt for the embossed cat ring but I think it’s pretty rare – these were found on the AinaHaina Rakuten shop, but alas the cat ring was long sold.

Last but not least! No doubt influenced by my current reading material (Nana, of course), I’m kind of lusting after the red jacket. I really love the beaten up old rocking horse boots; I probably could never walk in them without falling over, but they look like they’ve got a fantastic history to them. Bag and purse because, well, you can never go wrong with a bit of Vivienne at Christmas!

So there we go – that’s my hypothetical wish list done! Tokyo Telephone readers, what’s on your list this year?

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3 Responses to Tokyo Telephone’s Christmas Wish List – Rebecca

  1. Leanne says:

    Love the list – and yeah, Survive Style 5!! Hehe 🙂 Must dig out some more cool spooky asian films for my downtime over the Jan break (I get a FEW days off only…)

  2. jana says:

    the rocking horse shoes are surprsingly easy to walk in (…if you aren’t going downhill)! i tried my friend’s and stared at the pairs on display at world’s end, one day they’ll be mine as well. in general, i can only agree with a lot of items on your list – i’d perhaps add some designs from jieda and balmung while i’m at it.
    when i found out about the pugh collaboration, i ran to the mac store in my town, only to find out it was / is an online only collection (EU and US). i don’t know about japan, though. too bad the makeup bag was already sold out and i told myself investing in the contouring blush without being able to swatch it wasn’t a good idea, either. T_T hope you still manage to find the items you wanted!

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ jana – Hey, great to hear from you!
    Hmmm, it’s a shame about the Pugh collaboration, I really hoped I could find it here in Tokyo but never mind! Maybe ebay? 😉

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